Bergey's Buick GMC Highlighting Field Hockey Players (11-26-16)

Players from Quakertown, Truman & Upper Dublin are featured in the Bergey’s Buick GMC Highlighting. The players are selected by nomination of their coaches.

Bergey’s Buick GMC
Highlighting…SOL Field Hockey Players

This recognition is sponsored by Bergey’s Buick GMC. Athletes are chosen based on nomination of coaches.

Bergey’s Buick GMC National Conference Highlighted Players

Kayla Boltersdorf, Harry S Truman, Senior Left Defensive Back
Note from the coach:
“Kayla stepped up and earned the left back position in the middle of her sophomore year,” coach Kayla Kowalick said. “She supports her teammates and pushes them to be better. It is evident that Kayla loves field hockey, and the girls feed off of her.”
About Kayla:
Best memory playing field hockey: 
“Making three of my best friends”
Part of the game I enjoy the most:  “Playing as a team and getting the ball up the field as a defender”
How did you get involved in field hockey?  “In middle school, my dad’s best friend’s daughter played and inspired me.”
My role model is:  “My Mom”
Music on iPod:  Hip Hop/Rap
Favorite food:  Chipotle
Favorite class:  Painting or Math
Future plans:  Attend college, undecided major, possibly business. Hope to go to West Chester or Temple
Four people – dead or alive – I’d invite to a dinner party:  Nicki Minaj, Shay Mitchell, James Lafferty, Bretman Rock

Rebecca Laranko, Harry S Truman, Junior Goalie
Note from the coach:
“This was Rebecca’s first year on varsity,” coach Kayla Kowalick said. “She stepped right into the big shoes she needed to fill. Bec has made some unbelievable saves throughout the season, which kept us in games. She is also complimented by most of the coaches we play. She works extremely hard trying to better herself as our goalie.”
About Rebecca:
Best memory playing field hockey: 
“Tying with CR North, I think my freshman year”
Part of the game I enjoy the most:  “Being part of a team.”
How did you get involved in hockey?  “In eighth grade year, Mrs. Stewart asked me to try out for the team.”
My role model is:  “My sister”
Music on iPod:  Country Music
Favorite food:  Chicken Parmesan
Favorite class:  Social Studies
Future plans:  Military
Four people – dead or alive – I’d invite to a dinner party:  My Grandmom, my best friends Amanda Patino and Taylor Briganti, my Aunt Diane.

Bergey’s Buick GMC American Conference Highlighted Players

Julia Ely, Quakertown, Quakertown, Senior Forward
Note from the coach:
“Julia Ely has grown tremendously as a forward and made a great transition to midfield this season,” coach Diane Molinaro. “Julia has a feisty 'never-give-up' spirit that helped to ignite the rest of the team. During the season, Julia proved to be a solid performer who played consistently and held down the left side attack.  Although Julia was not our leading goal scorer, she generated attacks that led to key goals.”
About Julia:
Best memory playing field hockey:  “My best memory playing field hockey was in freshman year when my coach took us to get ice cream after I scored the goal to the tie the game with less than 10 seconds left. We were so happy, you would have thought we just won the Olympics.”
Part of the game I enjoy the most:  “The part of the game I enjoy most is definitely the atmosphere and being able to play some with my closest friends by my side.”
How did you get involved in hockey?  “I played soccer for eight years until I went to a field hockey camp in fifth grade. I wanted to try it just to see what it was about and ended up loving it. I went on to play in middle school and knew it was something I wanted to continue with.”
My role models are: “My parents. They always support me in everything I do and push me to be my best. I definitely would not be where I am today without them.”
Music on iPod: Pop
Favorite food:  Chipotle
Favorite class:  English
Future plans:  “I plan on attending college and playing Division 3 field hockey.”
Four people – dead or alive – I’d invite to a dinner party:  Ellen Pompeo, Justin Bieber, Simone Biles, and Michael Jackson.

Melanie Olivieri, Quakertown, Senior Midfield/Defense
Note from the coach:
“Melanie Olivieri is a talented player who made significant contributions in our midfield/defense this season,” coach Diane Molinaro said. “Mel has a great ability to anticipate the pass and quickly shoot through for the interception.  She was a much-needed spark on transitions out of our backfield onto attack while also keeping our defensive structure in place.  Mel provided steady leadership to our younger players on the team this year.”
About Melanie:
Best memory playing field hockey: “In my freshman year, my freshman coach took us to get ice cream after we tied 1-1 in the last 15 seconds of the game.”
Part of the game you enjoy the most:  “The competition, playing against elite offensive players.”

How did you get involved in hockey? “My fifth grade teacher was a field hockey coach, and she told me to come out and try playing and I've been playing ever since.”
My role model is: “My eighth grade science teacher, Peach Draper”
Music on iPod: Country (Florida Georgia Line), Twenty One Pilots, Pop
Favorite food:  Cheesecake
Favorite classes: Science and History
Future plans: To play field hockey in college next year
Four people – dead or alive – I’d invite to a dinner party: Lauren Cohan, Norman Reedus, Bruce Springsteen, and Steven Yeun


Maddie Templeton, Upper Dublin, Junior Midfielder
Note from the coach:
“Maddie is a three-year starter for Upper Dublin field hockey,” coach Heather Boyer said. “She is the type of athlete that every coach wants to have on their roster.  Maddie always gives 100 percent-plus effort.  She spent most of her time in the midfield this year but also played some games on the forward line.  Regardless of her position on the field, she gives it her all.  Her hustle and intensity sets the tone for her fellow teammates on the field, and although she is a fierce competitor, she is also a terrific teammate, very sincere and friendly.”
About Maddie:
Best memory playing field hockey:  “My best memory was beating Wissahickon twice this season for the first time in many years.”
Part of the game I enjoy the most:  “The friendships that I form with my teammates and always being able to count on them on and off the field.”
How did you get involved in hockey?  “I started at the youth field hockey organization (UDJAA) in kindergarten and have played ever since.”
My role models are:  “My parents who are always there to support me and cheer me on on the sidelines every game.”
Music on iPod:  Any of the latest songs
Favorite food:  Nachos
Favorite class:  Math
Future plans:  Attend college and possibly play club field hockey or lacrosse
Four people – dead or alive – I’d invite to a dinner party:  Tina Fey, my grandfather, my aunt and Ryan Reynolds.