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YMB Media, LLC, (DBA – is not your typical media company.  We are a very small group who own and operate this site for the sole purpose of creating a community of people interested in the sports activities of the 22 schools in the Suburban One League.  The site’s revenue consists of advertisers, sponsors, subscribers and customers who purchase our photo products. Without the monetary support of this community, cannot operate.  The site is in its 11th season and we could not have done it without the faithful support we have received.

The journalism field has been going through a radical transformation due to the internet, which presents information in many ways - often fragmented and incomplete.  Because of that, many of the reliable local sources have disappeared or have been cannibalized by companies looking to make a few bucks.  It also doesn’t help that Google has taken over the advertising business, leaving a minimal amount of revenue for the remaining legitimate media sources.

This leads us to where we are today.

The technology that enables is obsolete and must be updated. We are left with no option but to create a new site.

We have raised a substantial portion of the funds needed but still need an additional $10,000. A portion of the cost of a new site will be preserving the information on the current site - information it has taken tremendous labor to compile, and we do not want it to be lost since it’s a valuable resource.

The site-operates with the full support of the Suburban One League and its 22 member schools, and we continue to receive support from our teams. We cannot move forward until we have raised the funds required to develop the new site.

We are continuing to operate with the belief that this can and will happen, but we are looking to raise the funds needed by the end of the spring sports season so we can undertake this project over the summer months. We are, therefore, reaching out to our loyal readers for financial assistance. If you value the services provides and would like to see it continue providing comprehensive coverage, here is how you can help:

Recurring Annual Revenue to cover operating expenses:
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One-time Gift toward the development of a new web site:

Become a SuburbanOneSports Community Patron and make a one-time gift toward the development of the new web site. By making a minimum gift of $100, you/your business will have a presence on the new website in recognition of your generosity and willingness to support local high school sports journalism. 

In simple terms, we need the continued support of this community in order to underwrite the expenses we are facing as we move forward. Please complete the form below to help support



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Please complete the form below and remit this form to SuburbanOneSports, PO Box 64264, Souderton, PA. 18964 along with a check made out to  Those wishing to pay by credit card will receive an invoice issued via PayPal, which processes SuburbanOneSports credit card transactions. The email will be sent from to the email address specified on this form.

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1.  Business Card Ad:  1 year – 150.00 ______

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9.   One-time gift to help cover the expenses and support costs of creating a newer version of . By making a minimum gift of 100.00, you/your business will have a presence on the new web site in recognition of your generosity and willingness to support local high school sports journalism.


Send inquiries to or call us at 215-723-8658 to discuss a plan that works for you.  You can also submit credit card orders to  the above email address as well, by including your sponsorship choice and amount of your contribution.