Remember Your BANK When Packing for Vacation (Sponsored by Univest Corporation)

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Remember Your BANK When Packing for Vacation


By: Jennifer Miller, VP and Lancaster County Area Manager


Summer has officially arrived and many are headed off to enjoy a relaxing vacation. With all the convenient ways to conduct your banking, taking care of your finances while you are on vacation can be relaxing too. Below are a few tips I recommend to clients when they prepare for some time away.


Mobile Banking– Bank anytime and anywhere. Mobile bankingis the convenient way to view and manage your accounts. You could be sitting by the water watching the waves and with a few simple clicks you can have peace of mind by accessing your account from your phone or tablet to check your balances and review transactions.


Online Bill Pay– Don’t worry about the bills in your mailbox when you return from vacation by setting up online bill pay which allows you to prepare your bill to be paid on a date you select. So even if you select a date you are on vacation, your bill will be paid. Some companies even give you the option of signing up for paperless billing, so you’ll have even less mail when you return.


Debit Card– Use your card to access cash or pay for purchases. When traveling, remember to inform your bank of your travel plans. Unusual activity can trigger fraud-monitoring systems and prevent the usage of the card. Notifying your bank in advance allows them to note your account and feel confident that you are in possession of your card and it is not being used fraudulently. In addition, when using your debit card, be aware of your surroundings and always safeguard your PIN and card.


Person to Person– Use this tool to easily send money to family and friends. Enjoying a beach-side lunch with friends and you don’t have cash? Use this tool to send money to cover your portion of the tab.  Person to Personis also an easy solution should you receive a call that a loved one needs funds while you are away.  


Mobile Deposit– Did you receive a check you forgot to deposit before going on vacation? Just take a picture of it with your phone and deposit it right to your accountso you can access the funds while you are away.


Take our phone number– Remember, we are here to be your financial partner. Should you have a need arise while you are on vacation, call us, we’re here to help, 877-723-5571.


As you pack for vacation, remember your BANK:


Be prepared with convenient services to make your vacation a relaxing experience.

Alert. Be aware of your surroundings when using your debit card. Safeguard your card and PIN.

Notify the bank that you’ll be traveling if you plan to use your debit card.

Know who to call should a financial need arise.  


While there are many convenient products and services to ensure you have a relaxing vacation, tailoring these to your unique needs is what is important. At Univest, we provide solutions that ensure your banking experience helps to meet your financial goals. To learn more about the financial solutions we can provide call us at 877-723-5571 or visit us online at


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