SOL SHSHL Ice Hockey Notebook (1-10-18)

Central Bucks East, Pennsbury and Upper Moreland are featured in a notebook that also includes the point leaders and goalie stat leaders.

By Scott Huff

And the beat goes on…

SHSHL Continental Conference Snapshot
Central Bucks East Patriots

Central Bucks East head coach Ken Latchum is back behind the bench for the Patriots after a four-year ‘retirement’.

“I coached here for 15 years and was asked to come back again this year,” said Latchum.  “So far it has been a lot of fun, and we have good kids in the program.

“I have no problem bringing up ninth graders, and we have some talented ninth graders on this team,” added Latchum.  “We brought up a number of ninth graders years ago – took our lumps – and ended up winning the league and getting to the Flyers Cup finals that year.”

The core of the freshman Patriots are all on the defensive end of the ice.  Goaltenders Chris McIntyre and Matt Ogonowski, along with defensemen Matt Cipriano, Chris Mangiacapre, and Connor Keiser have been impressive.

“Chris (McIntyre) moved into our district from William Tennent and has been outstanding,” said Latchum.  “He is great at playing angles and doesn’t give up rebounds.

“The three ninth grade defensemen also played good games against CB South even though we lost big,” added Latchum, as CBE was shut out by the talented Titans 10-0.  “They matched South’s speed and after the game I told them how good a game they played.”

The best of the Patriot players, though, may be senior forward Colin Quinn and senior defenseman Richard Keiser.

“Colin is our top offensive player,” said Latchum.  “He can carry the puck well and has nice speed.

“Richard is the leader of the defense,” continued Latchum.  “He probably gets more ice time than anyone on the team.”

The defense is young and promising – but the downfall for CB East this season to date has been a lack of goal scoring.

“We just don’t have a natural goal scorer,” said Latchum.  “We have outshot teams and don’t win games because we just don’t score enough goals.

“It’s tough to teach scoring,” added Latchum.  “And when you only get to practice one hour a week it is hard to teach anything.

“We have some games coming up that we should be able to win,” continued Latchum.  “The future is bright for CB East hockey – but we want to win some games and get into the playoffs.”

SHSHL National Conference Snapshot
Pennsbury Falcons

Pennsbury head coach Dave Coyne and his Falcons are in search of a victory this season.

“The players are learning that life is tough and you need to get through the tough times to get to the better times,” said Coyne.  “Our goals for the second half are to win some games and get back to .500.

“We have been pretty strong on defense all season,” added Coyne.  “Now we have to improve on offense.”

That improvement might come with the addition of senior Anthony Bench.  Bench did not have a single second of ice time for the Falcons in the 2017 portion of the current season.

“Anthony came to us after the break and wanted to play his senior season with the Orange and Black,” said Coyne.  “He played two earlier seasons for Pennsbury but had some conflicts with his club team.

“He is a fantastic player and will help make us a better offensive team,” added Coyne.  “He will join (junior) Jake Sieger and (freshman) Erik Eisler on the first line.

“Jake is speedy and always seems to be in the right place at the right time,” continued Coyne.  “And Erik has some great hands and speed.”

Pennsbury features the talents of senior Gus Dous in goal.

“Gus is really a great goaltender,” said Coyne.  “He never gives up – he faced something like 50 to 60 shots against CB South and was great.”

The top blue line defense for the Falcons showcases senior Cam Polo and freshman Jack Boyle.

“We are very young and the freshmen are adjusting well to the more physical style of play at the high school level,” said Coyne.  “We have a great group of kids that never get down on themselves.

“We have about 10 eighth grade players that will move up to varsity next year,” added Coyne.  “And they will join a group of ninth graders who have some varsity experience.

“This is a tough year, but the kids continue to have a positive attitude,” continued Coyne.  “There is no doubt that we will get to where we want to be.”

SHSHL Continental Conference Standings
1.  Central Bucks South Titans             6       0       0       12
2.  Pennridge Rams                               4       0       0         8
3.  North Penn Knights                         3       1       0         6
4.  Central Bucks West Bucks              2       2       0         4
5.  Souderton Indians                          2       2       0         4
6.  Central Bucks East Patriots           2       3       0         4
SHSHL National Conference Standings
1.  Council Rock South Hawks           4       0       1         9
2.  Council Rock North Indians          2       3       1         5
3.  William Tennent Panthers            1       3       2         4
4.  Neshaminy Redskins                     1       4       1         3
5.  Truman Tigers                                0       2       1        1
6.  Pennsbury Falcons                        0       6       0         0

Varsity ‘AA’ Top Skaters
1.   Eric Slater (Pennridge)              15     13     28
2.   Zac Herman (CR North)            13     11     24
3.  Matt Stoll (CB South)                14     10     24
4.   Michael Walker (Pennridge)      12     11     23
5.   Matthew Meli (CR South)         17       5     22
6.  Joey Laurentntis (CB South)      15       4     19
7.  Daniel Guest (CR North)             9       8     17
8.  Reis Braccio (CB South)             4      12     16
9.  Brandon Simmonds (CRN)         4      11     15
10. Nathan Oh (North Penn)           5     10     15

Varsity ‘AA’ Top Goalies
Goals Against Average/Saves
1.   Oscar Levin (CB South)            1.03  107
2.   Mason Procz (CR South)          1.36    91
3.  Luke Stranick (Pennridge)         1.75  175
4.  Tim White (CB South)              1.87    66
5.   Steve Glik (Neshaminy)           2.62  175
6.  Chris Maiden (North Penn)       3.44    83
‘On Ice’ This Week in the SHSHL Varsity AA
Wednesday – January 10, 2018
Pennridge vs. William Tennent @ Hatfield – 6:20 pm
CR North vs. Pennsbury @ Grundy – 7:20 pm
Truman vs. CB West @ Hatfield – 8:00 pm
CB South vs. Father Judge @ Grundy – 9:00 pm
Thursday – Jaunary 11, 2018
CB West vs. Souderton @ Hatfield – 7:10 pm
North Penn vs. Truman @ Grundy – 7:20 pm
Friday – January 12, 2018
Souderton vs. CB East @ Warwick – 7:00 pm

SHSHL American Conference Snapshot
Upper Moreland Golden Bears

Upper Moreland first year head coach Mike Denardo knew exactly what he and his extremely young 2017-2018 Golden Bears were going to endure this season.

“We knew that with nine freshmen, a sophomore, two juniors, two seniors, and three kids that have never played the game before – this was going to be a very difficult season,” said Denardo.  “The desire to win games is there – the kids work hard are very positive despite our record.”

Upper Moreland is still in search of its first win this season.

“We are a very small school and don’t have the numbers that some of the other teams,” said Denardo.  “A couple of years ago, we had a crop of club players on this team and were able to compete.

“Right now, all we want to do is to be able to be competive going into the third period,” added Denardo.  “We have some decent club players on this team.”

The best of those players might be sophomore Aiden Croce.

“Aiden is a transplant from Buffalo and is a very good player,” said Denardo.  “He plays for the Junior Flyers – remains upbeat despite our record – and is a very positive player.”

Croce is paired with another club player – freshman Noah Goodson – and gets ice time with another club player – Al Capobianco.

Upper Moreland is blessed to have two club players in goal – and both are freshmen.  Michael Denardo (son of the coach) and Liam Heron have shared ice time this season.

“Michael is mentally focused and has a good glove hand,” said Denardo.  “And Liam is a club player that will get his share of time.”

The Golden Bear blue line is defended by senior Dylan Cossaboon and senior Louis Knoebel.

“We will miss both of them next year,” said Denardo.  “But the younger kids will be back with varsity experience, and we have some good kids coming up from the middle school level.

“By the time our freshmen are juniors – we should be in decent shape,” added Denardo.  “Until then – it is going to be very tough.”

SHSHL American Conference Standings
1.  Wissahickon Trojans                       8       0       0       16
2.  Hatboro-Horsham Hatters              6       2       0       12
3.  Abington Ghosts                              5       2       0       10
4.  Upper Dublin Cardinals                  4       5       0         8
5.  Lower Moreland Lions                    4       3       0         8
6.  New Hope Solebury Lions              2       4       0         4
7.  Plymouth Whitemarh Colonials     1       7       0         2
8.  Upper Moreland Bears                    0       6       0         0

Varsity ‘A’ Top Skaters
1.   Bryan Garry (Wissahickon)                35     19     54
2.   Sean Garry (Wissahickon)                 25     19     44
3.  Ari Nordlinger (Upper Dublin)             22       8     30
4.   Perry Carpenter (Abington)               15     11     26
5.   Dean Keller (PW)                             20       5     25
6.   Jacob Mueller (HH)                          12       9     21
7.   Colin Franzoni (PW)                           7     13     20
8.   Owen Serafin (U Dublin)                  14       6     20

Varsity ‘A’ Top Goalies
Goals Against Average/Saves
1.   Jacob Snellenburg (Abington)           2.67  166
2.  Ryan Bell (Hatboro-Horsham)            3.40  116
3.  Michael Henderson (Wissahickon)      4.17  158

‘On Ice’ This Week in the SHSHL Varsity A
Thursday – January 11. 2018
Abington vs. Lower Moreland @ Wintersport – 8:30 pm
Upper Dublin vs. New Hope Solebury @ Grundy – 9:00 pm
Friday – January 12, 2018
Hatboro-Horsham vs. Upper Moreland @ Warwick – 8:45 pm