Univest Featured Athletes (Wk. 10-10-18)

SuburbanOneSports.com recognizes a male and female featured athlete each week. The awards, sponsored by Univest, are given to seniors of good character who are students in good standing that have made significant contributions to their teams. Selections are based on nominations received from coaches, athletic directors and administrators.

Univest’s SuburbanOneSports.com Featured Female Athlete for week of Oct. 10, 2018

Alli Stelling doesn’t approach athletics with dreams of rewriting the Upper Dublin swimming record books. She’s not out to be the top-scoring water polo player in the district. Quite simply, Stelling just loves being a part of the team. And her attitude and her ever-present smile display that at all time. “Swim practices can be really stressful and tough,” the UD senior said. “Sometimes you need to do something to lighten the mood, give people something to look forward to. It’s important to make it a little fun and not take things too seriously.” It’s an approach that has made her a valued part of both the water polo and swim teams. “The best thing about Alli is she comes out with this great attitude,” said Cardinals’ swim coach Pat Redican. “It can be tough in swim practice, you spend most of your time training with your face in the water, but it’s those moments hanging on the wall or stretching, she brings that lightness and fun to it. We have a long season, and it really helps to have a personality like Alli’s on the team.”


Of course, Stelling brings much more to Upper Dublin athletics than a positive attitude and a sunny disposition. Her work ethic and skills have earned her a spot as a captain on the Cardinals’ water polo team. After playing goalkeeper as a freshman (where she earned the nickname “Stonewall Stelling”), Stelling spent the spring of her sophomore year on the soccer pitch for Upper Dublin, before returning to the water polo team as a junior. With a returning goalie in place, Stelling transitioned to defense, stepping back onto a team that would advance to the state tournament. But instead of getting lost in a new position among a talented and confident group, Stelling’s hard work and dramatic improvement made her an example for her teammates. “Alli has a really admirable work ethic,” water polo coach Chris Ianni said. “She’s a great role model to her teammates, she makes sure there’s an atmosphere for everyone to have fun, but at the same time, she knows how to raise the bar, to elevate her level of play and the play of everyone around her.”


And come the winter season, Stelling will step back onto the starting blocks as a valuable contributor – and a much-needed lighthearted presence – on a team that takes swimming very, very seriously and always sets district- and state-level goals. Stelling works just as hard in the classroom as she does in the pool. She’s got three AP and one Honors course this year. She is also a member of the general assembly of the Student Government Association. Stelling also has a passion for working with children with special needs. She participates in Upper Dublin TOPSoccer, teaching soccer skills and strategies to children with special needs. And her senior culminating project will be coordinating and running a Water Wings program, teaching swim lessons to children with special needs. “Me and a couple friends are running the program,” she said. “But we also have to arrange for pool space, find the kids, find volunteers. It’s going to be a lot of work, but I’m looking forward to it. It’s going to be a lot of fun.”

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Univest’s SuburbanOneSports.com Featured Male Athlete for week of Oct. 10, 2018

Sean Touey hopes people see more than just a soccer player when they look at him. It’s easy to see why soccer player would be the first thing most people think of, given his prolific scoring resume for the Abington boys’ soccer team the past three seasons. While soccer is his most visible endeavor, Touey’s interests include writing and producing video media and film, taking classes that don’t fit the athlete profile and being a leader and role model with a quirky fashion sense that helps him stand out in a crowd. “My whole life I’ve been known as the soccer player because of my play on the field, but all my life, I’ve wanted to be different,” Touey said. “I’m not trying to grab attention, but I want to be my own person.”

After a limited role as a freshman, Toey earned a starting spot on varsity soccer team as a sophomore. He netted 25 goals, then put away 26 chances as a junior. He’s well on his way to another 20-plus goal season this fall as Abington has thrived in its first season as part of the SOL American Conference. If someone were to sit down and sculpt the ideal target forward in soccer, the outcome would look a lot like the senior captain. “Sean is a typical forward, but sometimes you don’t really see what he actually does,” coach Randy Garber said. “He plays with his back to the goal and through high school, you don’t often find that kid who will play with their back to the goal, be content doing it and know how to do it. He’s big, he’s strong, and he’s athletic, but most players get tired of standing up there because they won’t get the service. Well, Sean is a handful. Because he is strong, he’s capable of turning and doing a lot of different things. That’s what makes him so dangerous.” The Ghosts have tasted some success in the postseason during Touey’s tenure, but they haven’t reached the state playoffs. With a senior-heavy team, Abington thinks this year’s group might be able to make that kind of run. Ask Touey and it won’t be about how far he can take his team but how far his team can take him. “My type of game is one that relies on my teammates,” Touey said.

Off the soccer pitch, Touey runs the Abington Sports Network for the high school. His interest in film extends beyond sports highlights, and he writes and directs short films with some classmates and friends and will be submitting a few entries into this year’s Greenfield Youth Film Festival, which highlights work from your filmmakers in the Philadelphia area. Touey hasn’t decided on a college yet, weighing opportunities from several Division I and II schools. Garber believes he’ll thrive wherever he goes. “He’ll only get better because the service he’ll get will be at a much higher level, and if he gets that service in the box, he’ll finish goals,” the Ghosts’ coach said. “That’s what a lot of college coaches are missing. He’s a good teammate, a good student and a good leader.”

To read Touey’s complete profile, please click on the following link: http://www.suburbanonesports.com/featured-athletes/male/sean-touey-0080856