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2017 Intelligencer/Courier 'Let's Talk Football' (11-23-17) Pennridge lost to Garnet Valley 28-20. Your thoughts about that game. Drew Markol: “When you look at Pennridge, they had to play Garnet Valley, which runs that option attack where they just run and run and run. Pennridge had to play without star linebacker Nick Tarburton because of a school suspension. Without him in the lineup, Garnet Valley just pounded the ball up the middle where – if you’ve ever seen Pennridge play - Tarburton just makes tackle after tackle. Without him in the lineup, they had to turn to a freshman linebacker, and you're asking a 14-year-old to, in some cases, tackle an 18-year-old. That's very hard to do. Pennridge not having Tarburton - that really cost them. If he had played, that would have greatly enhanced their chances of winning.

2017 Intelligencer/Courier 'Let's Talk Football' (11-17-17) North Penn lost to Garnet Valley 36-35 in a game it appeared to have won. Your thoughts. Drew Markol: “To me, that game is still a shock – that a North Penn team with 10 minutes left in the third quarter and a 28-point lead would lose. People have said to me that Dick Beck took his foot off the gas pedal, and he shouldn’t have done that. He took his foot off the gas against CB East a couple of weeks ago, and East came back, and North Penn had to put its starters back in. Deep down I don’t think it was North Penn taking its foot off the gas. I just think it’s a credit to Garnet Valley for continuing to play. Maybe when North Penn got the big lead, those kids thought, ‘Okay, we have this one in the bag,’ and they let up. Psychologically, when you’re up by that much, you’re saying, ‘This game’s over.’ It’s hard to believe that it happened. I don’t know what happened. I’m sure the North Penn folks are scratching their heads and wondering. That was just crazy.

2017 Intelligencer/Courier 'Let's Talk Football' (11-10-17) The first round of the tournament went pretty much as expected. Your thoughts. Drew Markol: “The first round of districts – I don’t want to call it a bye week for the higher seeded teams, but there are too many teams in the tournament. There are 33 6A schools in District One, and 16 of them get into the tournament, which is ridiculous. The top eight seeds all won. Four or five of the games were decided by 20 or more points. The field is just way too big. What they need to do is push the season back so we’re not playing before Labor Day, get rid of this round of 16 and just have a round of eight. If you’re not in the top eight, chances are really slim that you’re going to win the district title. Just stop, but they won’t stop. If you predict football games, you love the first round of the district tournament because you look like a genius, and all you’ve got to do is pick the top eight seeds and you’ll go 8-0.

2017 Intelligencer/Courier 'Let's Talk Football' (11-03-17)

SuburbanOneSports: Neshaminy rallied for a 21-20 come-from-behind win over Pennsbury in a battle for the SOL National Conference title and the top spot in the District One 6A power rankings. Your comments. Todd Thorpe: “Everything you want from that game it was. It had a little bit of controversy at the beginning. It was a defensive struggle and really an awesome defensive game by both teams. Oleh Manzyk, Neshaminy’s junior inside linebacker, actually was a thousand-yard receiver last year, and he put in about as good a defensive effort as you’re ever going to see in mirroring Zach Demarchis. Neshaminy forced four turnovers – two fumbles deep inside their own territory to stop scoring drives – and just played an excellent defensive game. That being said, they still were trailing 20-7 with nine minutes to go. They were pretty much cooked, and then Joel Stills changed the entire tenor of the game with his 92-yard kick return for a touchdown. The heroics down the stretch with the fourth down play – that’s stuff of legends, and that’s what I wrote about this week. It’s something that rivalry is always going to remember to have a game end quite like that.

2017 Intelligencer/Courier 'Let's Talk Football' (10-27-17) The Neshaminy/Pennsbury game that everyone has been pointing to all season is on Friday night. Your thoughts. Todd Thorpe: "Nobody has stopped Zach Demarchis all year. He has a thousand yards rushing, a thousand yards passing with 15 touchdowns passing and 15 touchdowns rushing. He's been unstoppable. He's the kind of guy - if you're Pennsbury and you fall behind, you don't worry about it because he can make a play. He's had a really remarkable senior year. He goes into the game against a Neshaminy team that has been doing pretty much the same thing. They do it a lot differently, but they have a good defense, a good passing game. "Flip a coin. I've seen Pennsbury a lot this year, and even North Penn didn't shut them down, and Pennsbury is a better team now than they were than. They have a much more established offensive line with the running game now. They're a much different team.

2017 Intelligencer/Courier 'Let's Talk Football' (10-20-17) Upper Moreland defeated Quakertown 35-14 in a battle for the SOL American Conference’s top spot. Your comments. Drew Markol: “What a great job by Upper Moreland. You celebrate the opening of your new stadium. If you lose that game, you bring Upper Dublin right back into the SOL American race, but if you win that game against a good Quakertown team that only had one loss, now you’ve put yourself in a great spot to win the conference title, and you’re doing it as a 5A school against a lot of 6A programs, which doesn’t happen very often. You go out and do a great job. Adam Beach had said before that game, ‘We need to take advantage of our speed.’ With Sterlen Barr and Caleb Mead, that’s what they did. It wasn’t a 14-13 squeaker. They hammered Quakertown, and I’m sure they knew they had because the way Quakertown has been coming back week after week – they’re like Rasputin, they’re hard to kill off.

2017 Intelligencer/Courier 'Let's Talk Football' (10-13-17) This weekend’s marquee SOL game is Quakertown and Upper Moreland with the top spot in the SOL American Conference on the line. Your thoughts. Drew Markol: "We said weeks ago the most interesting conference was going to be the American Conference, and that's kind of been the case because the Continental is North Penn and the National is going to likely come down to Pennsbury/Neshaminy in week 10. The American Conference you had Upper Dublin, Hatboro-Horsham, Upper Moreland and Quakertown. Well, now basically, for all intents and purposes, you're down to this game on Friday - Quakertown/Upper Moreland. Upper Moreland has its brand new turf field finally ready to go. I saw it the other day. It looks really nice. One of their players said to me he feels like a kid on Christmas morning. The new field is ready. There were a couple of delays, and they were afraid they wouldn't get a chance to play on it.

2017 Intelligencer/Courier 'Let's Talk Football' (10-06-17) North Penn defeated Central Bucks South 40-9 in a key Continental Conference battle. Your thoughts. Todd Thorpe: “Obviously, North Penn really took it to CB South. I can’t say that’s not expected. I thought North Penn was a pretty heavy favorite in that game, especially with Jack Johns not playing with an injury at quarterback and having to go with a sophomore who’s pretty promising, but that’s a tough, tough assignment for a sophomore to go against a North Penn team at this time of year, which is when they hit their stride. Say what you want about it, but at this time of year, the teams that have played that rugged non-league schedule are really stepping to the front. You see that in the National Conference too. Neshaminy and Pennsbury – all of a sudden they’re right there. Pennsbury has a huge game this week against Truman, but those are the teams that are right there.”

2017 Intelligencer/Courier 'Let's Talk Football' (9-28-17) North Penn defeated Pennridge 45-35 in a classic battle. Your comments. Drew Markol: “I think both of those teams are playoff teams and both of those teams can actually do a little damage in the playoffs, but North Penn had an answer for everything Pennridge was able to throw at them. I just thought the last team with the ball was going to win because that’s what it looked like because there wasn’t much defense being played. North Penn was able to make enough stops, and they made some big plays. Justis Henley was banged up a little bit and didn’t play much, and Josh Pinkney from Pennridge wasn’t able to play because he has that bone bruise from the Souderton game, so each team was missing a key cog. Sometimes with North Penn, it looks like teams can get intimidated, but it didn’t look like that. It just looked like North Penn had a little bit more firepower. Now if they can beat CB South, it looks like clear sailing to another Continental Conference title.

2017 Intelligencer/Courier 'Let's Talk Football' (9-22-17) Truman and Bensalem continue to be a big story as both teams improved to 4-0 last week. Your comments about Bensalem’s come-from-behind 41-18 win over Abington that saw the Owls score 41 points in the second half. Drew Markol: “I know it’s only a month into the season, but you can call it the year of Truman and Bensalem in the National Conference. I’ve been much more of a Truman supporter, and I still do think they have a better team than Bensalem, but all Bensalem is doing is going out and putting up impressive wins. Is it a great Abington team? No, but they still have some tremendous running backs on that team, and Abington is never a bad team. Bensalem goes out and does that to them – imagine if you’re Bensalem, if you had any doubts at all about how good you were, those are probably gone, for sure, because you’re proving yourself. Abington is a team that seven out of 10 years if you looked at it and think Neshaminy, Pennsbury and who’s the third team? I don’t want to say it’s a failsafe, but it’s Abington because it’s a good program.