Abington's Bernstein to Continue Softball Career at West Chester

On Wednesday, Nov. 8, 2017, Abington senior Olivia Bernstein was recognized for signing a letter of intent to continue her softball career at West Chester University. (Photo provided courtesy of Abington High School)

Olivia Bernstein – West Chester University (Softball)

Major:  Business

Reasons for choosing West Chester:  “The atmosphere on campus, the softball coaches and the team.”

Most memorable moment at Abington:  “Hitting in the winning run to sweep Pennsbury my freshman year and dressing up as Coach White while Tori and Lily dressed up as Schmidt and Mrs. Miller.”

Coach Ellie White says: “I had Olivia in camp when she was going into eighth grade. She was just one of those kids that everyone flocked around even in eighth grade. Her freshman year I put her at shortstop, and you know what – she may have been over her head a little bit, but you would look at her and think that’s what she thought. She just played – never any questions, never any ‘Why am I doing this?’ She just said, ‘Oh, you want me to play short? Okay. I’ve never played there before, but I’ll do it for you,’ and that’s pretty much how she’s been for four years.
“Her character is just impeccable. She’s a leader on this team, but she would be a leader wherever she goes. She’s one of those kids – she’ll go in the phys ed class, and she’ll be a leader in the phys ed class. Or she’ll go in math class, and she’ll be a leader in math class. Or she’ll go into a restaurant with her friends, and she’ll be a leader in there. She’s just an all-around great kid with great parents. Her biggest quality that I’ve noticed is she makes everybody feel important. It doesn’t matter if you’re sitting the bench, it doesn’t matter if you’re in ninth grade and you’ve never started a game or you’re a senior and just making the team. She treats everybody the same, and she makes everybody feel important, and that, to me, is better than any athletic skill that she could possess. She will be a catcher this year, she could pitch at points for us this year, and she’s probably going to bat in the three or four hole for us. We’re counting on her for big things, and I truly believe she will come through. She will be missed. She’s one of those kids I’ll hate to see go.”

About Olivia:
Favorite class: 
Most played song:  Any Post Malone song