Abington's Clewell to Play Baseball at Chestnut Hill

On Tuesday, June 7, 2016, Abington senior Chris Clewell was recognized for committing to continue his baseball career at Chestnut Hill College. (Photo courtesy of Abington High School)

Chris Clewell – Chestnut Hill College (Baseball)

Final list of colleges:  Chestnut Hill, Cabrini, East Stroudsburg, Wells, Misericorida

The scoop: Second and third team All-SOL in back-to-back years

Most memorable baseball moment:  Playing at Cooperstown at age 12

Career:  Criminal Justice by following in footsteps of grandfather and aunt.

Coach Dave Torresani says:  “Chris came into our program as a freshman, and he came in more as a pitcher and middle infielder. As he progressed, it became evident that his arm was his greatest tool - his throwing arm is tremendous, and the outfield would be the spot that would be the place where his arm would benefit the most. So we moved him to the outfield, and he played right field for us. His arm is a weapon, and I know that’s what stood out to the colleges that were recruiting him, in particular Bob Spratt of Chestnut Hill. I’ve known Bob for a long time, and he remarked about Chris’s throwing arm.
“The other thing about Chris that really improved in his four years by the time he was a senior – the new thing in baseball is the bat exit velocity. We can’t measure that, but we can see it. The ball comes off his bat so fast and so hard, harder than anybody I’ve had. Those are his two strengths – his throwing arm and he just hits the ball hard. He’s a strong kid, and his best baseball is ahead of him because of that.
“He was only a DH as a junior because we had a little bit stronger outfielders at the time, but he was always a hitter. This year he played right field every game for us and was great. He started every game, played every inning and was just great out there. I think he’s going to do great. He’s going Division 2, which is an awesome achievement. He’s got some strength, and quite frankly with his arm, I would not surprised to see him even pitch a little bit. What he needs and what they have at the college level is a fulltime pitching coach, which in high school sometimes we’re not fortunate to have. I see his best baseball ahead of him. The skills he has play out really well for where he is right now as an outfielder. His glove really, really improved. He’s a really good right fielder, and that’s a credit to him.”