CB East Duo Commits to Swim at the College Level

On Thursday, May 4, 2017, Central Bucks East seniors Erin Lengel and Kirsten Mortimer were recognized for committing to continue their swimming careers at the collegiate level. To view photos of the event, please visit the Photo gallery.

Erin Lengel – Lawrence University (Swimming)
Economics & Math
Final list of colleges:  Lawrence, Butler, Marquette, Westminster, Baldwin Wallace
Reasons for choosing Lawrence:  “I’m from the Midwest, and to me, it’s like I’m going home again, so I always knew I wanted to go back around Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin. Lawrence is a small school in Wisconsin, so it just offers so many good opportunities. I know personally for me a small school is a better fit so I can meet lots of people and do lots of cool things.”
What was the progression that led you to competing in swimming at the collegiate level?  “We have such a great family atmosphere at East, and I really can’t imagine going through school without it anymore. Something great about Lawrence is they have a really small team, and it’s a very close-knit family atmosphere, which is what we have here, so I definitely knew I wanted something like that.”

Coach Tom Kane says: “Erin bounces around like one of those super balls that you throw up against the concrete wall and it never stops moving. She’s the one at practice – as a captain, after every set, the hands went up, and every kid in the pool got congratulated for doing a great job on that set or doing this or doing that. Her outgoing exuberance just helped the team enjoy what we would call a very, very rigorous sport. You do two 500s, two 400s, two 300s, etc. – you finish the set and you’re looking like ‘Why am I doing this?’ There’s Erin giving you a hug or saying way to go. This is from her freshman year on. As a senior, she made sure the ninth graders got a taste of that spirit, and they did, and that’s why they blossomed this year. Erin broke the school record in the backstroke, and she was our best sprint freestyler for two or three years. Both Erin and Kirsten had different personalities but have made tremendous contributions.”
About Erin:
Favorite food:  Mini-Wheats & Peanut Butter (although not together)
Favorite music:  Finding Nemo & everyStar Wars movie
Favorite music:  Disney Music

Kirsten Mortimer – Pomona College (Swimming)
Final list of colleges:  Pomona, Tufts, NYU, Connecticut College
Reasons for choosing Pomona:  “It just fit everything I was looking for. It was not too big of a school. The swim team was D3, I liked the coach a lot when I was talking to him, and I knew the academics were really good.”
What was the progression that led you to competing in swimming at the collegiate level?  “I do swimming year round with a club team, so I don’t know anything other than swimming. I can’t imagine my life without it. I’ve grown up with it, and I think having a sport in college helps to keep you grounded, keeps you in shape and keeps everything going.”
Coach Tom Kane says:  “She is one of the rare swimmers that made state championships all four of her years, which is a good accomplishment. She’s the quiet one, but her leadership strength was just constant hard work and just strong bonds with all the kids. She has a really dry sense of humor. My favorite memories of Kirsten will be her straggling into morning practice always two minutes after everybody else and then walking by (my assistant) and me and saying, ‘At least I got here.’
“She’s just been a force to be reckoned with for four years. Once Hannah Wittman graduated, Kirsten took over as our high point scorer and really could swim any freestyle race, and I think the longer the better for her. The 200 was her forte, but I always kicked myself by not making her swim more 500s because I think in college that’s what they’re going to do. Kirsten holds the 200 free record, and they are both part of relay records.”
About Kirsten:
Favorite food: 
Ice Cream
Favorite movie:  The Wolf of Wall Street
Favorite music:  Anything but Country