CB West Duo to Continue Cheerleading Careers at Collegiate Level

On Friday, May 4, 2018, Central Bucks West seniors Erin Dwyer and Emily Patterson were recognized for committing to continue their cheerleading careers at the collegiate level. To view photos of the event, please visit the Photo Gallery.

Erin Dwyer – Indiana University of Pennsylvania (Cheerleading)
Fashion Merchandising and Marketing
Final list of colleges:  IUP, Fashion Institute of Technology, West Virginia, Kutztown
Reasons for choosing IUP:  “It has a really good fashion program and it was in-state. Also, I had the opportunity to cheer there and still get the college experience.”
What was the progression that led you to competing in cheerleading at the collegiate level?  “I tore my ACL in my junior year, so all throughout my senior year, I wasn’t able to do much, stunting and tumbling-wise, so I knew I didn’t want to end that way. I definitely wanted to continue in college and get the best out of it and keep pursuing what I love.”
Coach Ashley Godfrey says:  “Despite having a knee injury her junior year, she did not let that bring her down. She kept pushing herself for recovery and strengthened her knee enough to be able to compete her senior year. She was a major asset to our team and a vital part in the routine.”
About Erin:
Favorite food: 
Favorite movie:  Mean Girls
Favorite music:  Pop

Emily Patterson – Delaware Valley University (Cheerleading)
Final list of colleges:  Delaware Valley, Penn State
Reasons for choosing Del Val:  “Penn State was my top choice, but family matters took it away, and Del Val is keeping me closer to home, plus they’re at the top in the state for my major.”
What was the progression that led you to competing in cheerleading at the collegiate level?  “I have been doing it for 13 years, and around sophomore or junior year, I decided that I wanted to try it. My mom was a cheerleader, and she was like, ‘Just go for it.’”
Coach Ashley Godfrey says:  “Emily is an extremely hard worker and always persevered. Throughout the season, she would take some hard hits when a stunt would come down and would insist on doing it again until it was right. She showed true dedication.”
About Emily:
Favorite food: 
Favorite movie:  Paper Towns
Favorite music:  Pop