CB West Trio Commits to Play Division 1 Lacrosse

On Friday, May 4, 2018, Central Bucks West seniors Finley Ueland, Maddie Maio and Dani Dundas were recognized for committing to continue their lacrosse careers at the collegiate level.

Dani Dundas – Old Dominion University (Lacrosse)
Final list of colleges:  ODU, Robert Morris, Temple, George Washington, George Mason
Reasons for choosing ODU:  “I fell in love with the area – the fact that it’s near the beach is awesome, and the team atmosphere was great. Also, I fell in love with the coaches - their coaching style seemed so me. All of them just seemed to be really genuine.”
What was the progression that led you to competing in lacrosse at the collegiate level?  “I played field hockey and lacrosse, and I loved both of them. I guess it was club and playing all year round that made me want to play at the next level.”
Coach Tara Schmucker says:  “Dani has been a tremendous attacker for the Bucks.  We missed her as a freshman due to an ACL tear, but she made an impact right away as a sophomore.  She has been the first or second for our team in goals and assists since her sophomore season.  But Dani has brought a hustle and work ethic that should be recognized beyond statistics.  She was tops in ground balls this season, which is a testament to her anticipation and drive.  She practices as hard as she plays and that helped our team immensely as well as made her a very consistent player in every game.  This season, she was a big contributor on the attack but also did a great job on the draw circle as well as playing some midfield which she has handled very well.”
Ultimate lacrosse coach Michele DeJuliis says:  “What an awesome class. I can only imagine the amount of damage they did as high school players. For club, they were phenomenal. Working together on the field, they just complemented each other well from one end of the field to the other. They’re phenomenal kids. This school was lucky to have them, I was lucky to have them and be a part of their lives because they’re all fantastic kids on and off the field.
“And Dani – that kid is gritty. She showed how hard she’s worked to come back from adversity with her knee. She came back stronger. She can shoot it like nobody’s business. She can shoot on a dime and score at will. She’s just really feisty and tough. I think most defenders hated playing against her.”
About Dani:
Favorite food: 
Filet Mignon
Favorite movie:  Chasing Mavericks
Favorite music:  Hip Hop

Maddie Maio – University of Delaware (Lacrosse)
Final list of colleges:  Delaware, Monmouth, St. Joseph’s, Gwynedd Mercy, Holy Cross
Reasons for choosing Delaware:  “The academics are just great, and they have one of the really good nursing programs, so that really drew my attention. Their campus is beautiful, it’s just a great social environment, and lastly, the athletics. They have the style of play that I love, just being gritty and aggressive and working quick. I really fell in love with their style.”
Coach Tara Schmucker says:  “I can't say enough about Maio.  She is always trying to better herself and do what's best for the team.  She was our most versatile player and as I have said since she was a freshman, our workhorse.  No matter the score, she leaves it out on the field.  Her acceleration and footwork made an impact all over the field.  This season she really came out as a dangerous attacker, making our offense more difficult to defend, and she has always had a great presence and prowess on the defensive end as both a strong 1v1 and team defender.”
Ultimate lacrosse coach Michele DiJuliis says:  “Maddie is unbelievable. She can stop anybody and be potent as a transition midfielder. She’s defensively solid, and offensively, she can put it in the back of the net. She’s just overall an amazing, well-rounded player. She’s consistent, fierce, tough, and I love watching her play.”
About Maddie:
Favorite food: 
Penne Vodka
Favorite movie:  Silver Linings Playbook
Favorite music:  “Anything that’s on the radio.”

Finley Ueland – University of Southern California (Lacrosse)
Reasons for choosing USC: 
“I committed my freshman year, and that was the bizarre part about it. It was so early in my life in general, and USC was the only one pursuing me at that point. After I committed, I found out other schools had interest in me, but I didn’t really think it even mattered. Even when I was trying to decide, my coach DJ said, ‘What if (another team) offered you a spot?’ I said, ‘I honestly wouldn’t care. All I want to go to is USC.’ The cherry on top is the coaches – they’re just amazing, and the location is just perfect.”
What was the progression that led you to competing in lacrosse at the collegiate level?  “I have always wanted to play lacrosse in college. I started in first grade and I’ve played my whole life. It’s never been a question. When I was little, I always wanted to go top 10, and two years ago, USC was, so my dream came true. Even though they’re not at the top right now, it’s my dream school.”
Coach Tara Schmucker says:  “Finley has a zeal and love of the game that shows when she plays.  Obviously, she was a huge attacking threat with her advanced stick work and well-placed shots, but she also brought an excellent field awareness and understanding of the game.  She has been a great team player for the Bucks, receiving the Teamwork award two years in a row because she makes others look great.  She really stepped up for us this season not just in statistics but with cutting, re-defending efforts, and helping to lead the attack and make smarter decisions.”
Ultimate lacrosse coach Michele DiJuliis says: “Finley is an amazing feeder from the attack end and can finish and take anybody at will and just does it in such a pretty way. She’s fluid and really fun to watch. She’s super skilled stick-wise, she’s a stick tricky type of kid. Finley is a kid I’ve known since first grade, and I’ve watched her grow into the player she is today. She’s going to be phenomenal for USC.”
About Finley:
Favorite food: 
Favorite movies:  Land of the Lost, Mama Mia, She’s the Man
Favorite music:  Rap/Hip Hip