Hatboro-Horsham Trio to Play Collegiate Baseball

On Wednesday, May 17, 2017, Hatboro-Horsham seniors Shaun Thomas, Eric Jester and Drew Passerini were recognized for committing to continue their baseball careers at the collegiate level. To view photos of the event, please visit the Photo Gallery.

Eric Jester – Neumann University (Baseball)
Coach Pete Moore says: 
“All three of these guys were part of a group that’s real special. Eric Jester has grown exponentially from where he was as a freshman and sophomore. I think the biggest leap for Eric was between his sophomore and junior year where he committed himself to getting stronger and faster, and he’s really been a huge part of our middle infield, taking a leadership role out on the diamond for us and committed himself to getting better.”

Drew Passerini – Arcadia University (Baseball)
“Drew Passerini is going to Arcadia, and it’s a unique situation for me because one of my best friends is the head coach at Arcadia. I know he was very excited when Drew made his commitment to go to Arcadia. Drew is a self-made player. He came to us as a freshman and sophomore and did good things on the field, but the growth I’ve seen in Drew has been exponential. All three of these guys did a lot of that on their own. It’s not just the time that we have with them from March through May. It’s what they put in during the offseason working with other coaches that gives them the opportunity to have the success that they’ve had on the field. I’m real proud of the work Drew put in on his own to make himself what he is today.”

Shaun Thomas – Mercer County Community College (Baseball)
“Shaun Thomas was our senior catcher. Shaun has played every inning for us this year, and all but seven of them were behind the plate. He’s taken a beating back there, but I couldn’t ask for a better leader for the eight guys on the diamond to be looking in at whenever we’re out in the field. Shaun is as hardworking as anybody I’ve ever had and made himself what he is today through his hard work. I’m real proud of Shaun and the opportunities ahead of you.”