Hatboro-Horsham's Flagler Signs to Play Softball at Coppin State

On Thursday, Nov. 10, 2016, Hatboro-Horsham senior Kylie Flagler was recognized for signing a letter of intent to play softball at Coppin State University. To view photos of the event, please visit the Photo Gallery at the following link:  http://photos.suburbanonesports.com/g/111016_hh_signings_-_mjs

Kylie Flagler – Coppin State University (Softball)

Major:  Biology

Final list of colleges:  Coppin State, UMBC, Rutgers, St. Joseph University

Reasons for choosing Coppin State:  “I really liked the atmosphere, and I liked the coach. I also liked the idea of being part of a program that’s starting to rebuild itself.”

What was the progression that led you to playing softball at the collegiate level?  “I started to play travel when I was in fourth grade, and growing up and going to Hatboro-Horsham everyone played softball, and everyone was good, so it kind of just followed up, and I always looked up to the older girls.”

Coach Joe DiFilippo says:  “Kylie has been with me on the varsity since freshman year. Her freshman year she did a little bit of DHing, and after that, she’s been playing first base for me. Everybody says she’s too short to play first base, but she did a great job.
“She’s improved so much over the years. The one thing that’s remained constant is that hard work pays off. Kylie is a great example of that. Everything you ask her to do, she does. Last year she was second team all-league. She hit close to .450. She started out the season 0-for-17 and worked her butt off until eight o’clock at night hitting, and the rest of the season she hit .500. She’s a good kid.”

Hitting coach Mike Walton:  “Kylie’s personality is great. She comes in, and she’s always enthusiastic. She’s been injured, and she comes in and she knows she’s going to come back from it. She’s resilient. She might be 0-for-4, but she always believes in herself.
“In our 10th year anniversary, we put out a book, and you had a chance to be on the cover if you came up with a story about your hitting experience. Kylie’s entire story was, ‘I am the show.’ I said, ‘Are you going to go to the show?’ She said, ‘No, I am the show.’ She believes in herself, she believes in what she’s doing, and that’s the fun of working with Kylie.
“I love to see her every week – I’ve seen her every week for six years except when she was injured. She bounces through the door and goes to work. I’ve never seen her not believe in herself.”

About Kylie:
Favorite food: 
Chicken Fingers
Favorite movie:  Dear John
Favorite music:  Country