Hatboro-Horsham's Hood to Play Lacrosse at Cabrini

On Wednesday, May 17, 2017, Hatboro-Horsham senior Brian Hood was recognized for committing to continue his lacrosse career at Cabrini University. Check back for photos.

Brian Hood – Cabrini University (Lacrosse)

Coach John Kurek says:  “When Brian was a freshman or sophomore, he came up to me and said, ‘Coach, what do I need to do to get on the varsity field?’ I’m looking at him and thinking – grow five inches and gain 30 pounds, but Brian found a niche. What Brian does for our lacrosse team – he’s a face-off specialist, and each year he committed himself to the game. He took time out of the season to excel at his craft, and it made our team so much better. This year he had winning percentage of over 80 percent, which is really unheard of in our sport, but he was someone on our team that made us better. It was a pleasure of mine to see Brian grow as a student and as an athlete, and I wish him nothing but he best as he goes to Cabrini.”