Pennridge's Supp Commits to Continue Soccer Career at Lehigh

On Wednesday, Dec. 20, Pennridge senior Courtney Supp was recognized for committing to continue her soccer career at Lehigh University. Check back for a gallery of photos of the event.

Courtney Supp – Lehigh University (Soccer)

Major:  Business Management

Final list of colleges:  Lehigh, University of New Hampshire, Holy Cross, James Madison

Reasons for choosing Lehigh:  “When I went on my official visit, I got to meet all the recruits from my class, the girls on the team were really nice, and the coaches were welcoming.
“I chose Lehigh because the coach was really, really interested in me. The academics were really good, and I tried to push myself in high school to reach that point. The chemistry of the team really appealed to me, and my parents could go to my games.”

What was the progression that led you to competing in soccer at the collegiate level?  “Around eighth grade into freshman year, my parents asked me – ‘What do you want to do in the future?’ You have to start making decisions about what teams you want to be on because there’s definitely different levels of commitment. I started realizing that I wanted to play at the highest level I could. I saw my siblings playing at college, and it appealed to me. All those things, I wanted to push myself.”

Coach Audrey Anderson says:  “Because of who she is as a person, it made her an outstanding leader. She really didn’t have to say much to the team. It was more how she conducted herself on and off the field and how she played. I think that’s what the players respected most about her – her desire and her determination on the field, and it was very easy to rally behind a player like that. She wasn’t all that much of a vocal leader as she was the leader that everybody looked at on the field to see how she was responding to situations.
“She has played forward for her club team, and I believe that is what Lehigh recruited her as, but she is that kid I could put anywhere. She’s a good center mid, she’s just a smart player. She’s calm and composed all the time, and in the back to have her so composed and a good leader – I felt without her we would have struggled.
“I’ve been here 11 or 12 years, and I’ve seen a lot of girls come and go. You don’t have many kids like her that get life and how the world works, and her parents are such good people in the community.”

About Courtney:
Favorite food: 
Cinnamon Crunch Bagel from Panera Bread
Favorite movie:  The Blind Side
Favorite music:  Country/Pop – everything but Metal Rock and Classical