Quakertown's Baglivo & Beal Commit to Play Collegiate Softball

On Thursday, Nov. 10, 2016, Quakertown seniors Tara Baglivo and Lauren Bealer were recognized for committing to continue their softball careers at the collegiate level. To view photos of the signing event, please visit the Photo Gallery.

“The culture of Quakertown softball has changed dramatically, and both of these young ladies have had a big part of that,” coach Rich Scott said. “Last spring we were the SOL Continental Conference co-champs with CB East, and both of these ladies were a major part of that as well.”

“Both of them are great kids,” Newtown Rock Gold coach Joe Garvey said. “It must be the Quakertown water. I have been doing this a long time, and these two families are tremendous, so it’s really nice to be a part of that.”


Tara Baglivo – Bucknell University (Softball)
Final list of colleges:  Bucknell, Colgate, Lafayette
Reasons for choosing Bucknell:  “I was between a few schools, and when I went to Bucknell, I just loved the campus, I loved the coach. I was able to meet some of the girls, and they were all super nice. They have a really good education, and that was my number one.”
What was the progression that led you to playing softball at the collegiate level?  “I started playing travel softball when I was 11, and I started playing for more competitive teams when I was 14. When I started playing travel, I didn’t really think much of it. As I got to play for better teams, my coaches started saying, ‘You should play for college.’ I was like, ‘I never really thought about it.’ When I started playing in college showcases, I couldn’t imagine myself not playing, so I wanted to continue playing in college.”

Coach Rich Scott says:  “Tara started in center field for us as a freshman and claimed that spot as hers from that day forward. She has great talent and great speed. Some of the things she has done at the plate are simply amazing – you can’t believe your eyes sometimes. Last year she hit one back to the pitcher and beat the throw to first base, and you just look and wonder – how did she do that? To top it off, this year she hit one to the first baseman and beat her to first base. That is just truly amazing. She’s a great person on the field and off the field. She’s a great teammate and will be a captain this year. It’s a pleasure to have her on the team in the leadoff spot, slapping and bunting. That’s very hard to defend and great to have on the team, and then she has some power. It’s a great asset.”
Newtown Rock Gold coach Joe Garvey says:  “Tara is a quiet kid, and my goal with her was to get her to be a little bit louder. In softball, you have to speak up a little bit and play with reckless abandon. She plays a tremendous center field. She’s what we call a triple threat – she can do everything. She can hit, slap, hit for power. She’s got speed, defense and a great arm. She’s an absolutely tremendous kid.”
About Tara:
Favorite food:  Ice Cream
Favorite movie:  Aquamarine
Favorite music:  Pop


Lauren Beal – Marist College (Softball)
Medical Technology
Final list of colleges:  Marist, Quinnipiac, Youngstown State, Fairfield
Reasons for choosing Marist:  “I love the location. It’s not too far, it’s not too close. The coach is awesome, and he knows the game really well. He wants to turn the program around and build it back up again. The atmosphere is really nice - you feel like you’re at home. It’s a nice family atmosphere. The softball team is good, so it was a nice fit for me.”
What was the progression that led you to competing in softball at the collegiate level?  “At the end of my freshman year, I went to a new travel team and the coach pushed us a lot, and I knew – this is what I wanted to do in college.”
Coach Rich Scott says:  “Lauren will be a two-year captain this year. As a freshman, she started mainly jayvee, but then came up and played some varsity as well. Every time she did come up to bat as a freshman, she usually crushed a line drive to right center for a double, so that set the pace for the upcoming season as a sophomore when she started hitting the ball over the fence. She started for the varsity team ever since and has played first base. She has great power. Against William Tennent her sophomore year she hit two home runs in the same game. She definitely leads the league in being hit by a pitch. She’s a great, great player, she’s a great girl on and off the field, and she’s a great teammate. She has been a major part of the Quakertown softball team, and I’m really excited for this season going forward.”
Newtown Rock Gold coach Joe Garvey says:  “Lauren came on to us last year. She was on one of my younger teams, and she came on and hit some home runs. That girl has some power. She hit a 300-foot home run in front of the Marist coach, and the coach said, ‘Why isn’t she signed?’ I said, ‘You better get her quick.’ The next game, she was out of the lineup, and he said, ‘Could you pinch hit her?’ She ended our D9 Tournament with a walk-off grand slam to win it. She’s had some big hits for us. She’s our cleanup hitter, and Tara (Baglivo) is our leadoff hitter.”
About Lauren:
Favorite food: 
Mac ‘N Cheese
Favorite movie:  Can’t Buy Me Love
Favorite music:  Anything Pop