Quakertown's Camburn & Moyer to Compete in Collegiate Track & Field

On Thursday, May 18, 2017, Quakertown senior Sierra Camburn and Kaitlin Moyer were recognized for committing to continue their track and field careers at the collegiate level. To view photos of the event, please visit the Photo Gallery.

Sierra Camburn – Temple University (Track & Field)
Final list of colleges:  Temple, Columbia, Penn State, Villanova 
Reasons for choosing Temple: 
“The college process for me was a really long process. My number one school was Columbia and I got in, but it was $72,000 a year, and they don’t give scholarships because it’s Ivy League. Temple was most like Columbia in my eyes. I like the city, the school has a lot of hospitals, and they have exactly what I want to study, which is neuroscience - they have a good program for that. The track team – I really liked the coach. When I went on my visit, he was one of the few coaches that asked about my family. He wanted to get to know me as a person, so I can tell the relationship on the team is going to be a really close one because the coach actually cares about us. Also, the team was really nice.”
What was the progression that led you to competing in track at the collegiate level?  “Actually, I was a gymnast for 12 years, and I’ve always been around athletics my whole life, so I knew that no matter what sport it was – I wanted to compete in college. When I got to middle school, I started doing track and gymnastics, and that got really tough because I would go from two hours of track practice to four hours of gymnastics. I realized I was succeeding in track, so I stuck with track. Since my first year in seventh grade, I knew that I would compete in college.”
Coach Jason Anderson says:  “To me, Sierra is the epitome of a scholar-athlete. There’s a lot of data to back that up. She’s top three in the senior class, (and in track), she’s been to districts three years in a row. She’s been to states and the Penn Relays the past three years, so Sierra has had a pretty good high school career. In fact, I would say one of the best, and we’re proud to see her continue on.
“Her event is the 300 hurdles, which is a very difficult event. It’s the first event in track and field at any meet. When I heard she was coming up, I heard that she was a sprinter/hurdler, and in the track world, that’s the 100 hurdles. The 300 hurdles is like a distance event. She came up and told me, ‘Coach, I want to do the 300 hurdles.’ She has started off every meet for us for four years – win after win after win. It’s amazing to me – that’s how we started out for so long, and it’s going to be tough to see her go. She’s going on to Temple, which is a Division One school. I think she made a great call going to Temple. It’s a great program. The coach really wants her. We’re really pleased to see her move on.”
About Sierra:
Favorite food: 
Monkey Bread
Favorite movie:  The Guardian
Favorite music:  Country

Katie Moyer – Millersville University (Track & Field)
Secondary Education with a focus on English
Final list of colleges:  Millersville, East Stroudsburg, West Chester
Reasons for choosing Millersville:  “The first time I visited - the environment and the atmosphere of the whole (campus) was very open and not city-like at all. I’m very country as a person, so I really liked it. Academically, they’re very education based, which is what I liked. After I met with the coach, he said one of the key focuses is that I’m not there for sports I’m there for academics, which really caught my attention and what caused me to make my decision.”
What was the progression that led you to competing in track and field at the collegiate level?  “About halfway through my indoor season senior year, I really just couldn’t see myself going on to college and only doing academics. I had to stay busy with something, so it had to be track, which is basically my first love in sports.”
Coach Jason Anderson says:  “After four years as her coach, I have to say Katie is probably the most perceptive and genuine person that I’ve ever known of any age. I can’t remember a decision in the past couple of years where I didn’t first seek Katie’s counsel before I said something to the team. My trust in her really is absolute.”

Coach Hood says:  “I have worked with (Katie) for four years, and she has the most grit of any kid I’ve ever taught. She has the passion and the purpose, and she does nothing without passion. Every day she’s excited or hyped about something. It doesn’t even matter – it could be the smallest thing. That passion – it reflects every day in practice, every day in school, and it rubs off on her teammates and her coaches. That passion, you can’t fake it. As far as purpose goes, Katie was never just there. In my opinion, purpose means that what you do matters to more people than just yourself, and Katie always had purpose. (One day) she got hurt, and 10 minutes later, she was already helping the other jumpers because that’s just who she is. It’s her instinct to help, which is going to make her a great teacher. It already makes her a great coach, and that’s why we call her coach Katie. Beyond that, I agree with coach Anderson – she’s thoughtful, she’s reflective, and I’ve enjoyed our conversations every day. We talk a lot about the word yet and how we shouldn’t say ‘I can’t’ without saying the word yet at the end. I think yet has another meaning for (Katie) because I think the best is yet to come for her.”
About Katie:
Favorite food: Salmon
Favorite movie: The Longest Yard
Favorite music: Country