Quakertown's Delisle Commit to Compete in Track at Penn State

On Thursday, Nov. 16, 2017, Quakertown senior Hudson Delisle was recognized for signing a letter of intent to continue his track career at Penn State University. To view photos of the event, please visit the Photo Gallery.

Hudson Delisle – Penn State University (Cross Country/Track)

Major:  Economics

Final list of colleges:  Penn State, University of Pittsburgh, West Point

Reasons for choosing Penn State:  “I really just found myself happiest there. They have a great team. I believe they won the Big 10 Conference for track last year, so that was really kind of intriguing for me. Our indoor state championship is actually at their indoor track, so it’s always nice to go there and see the facilities they have. Also, the school that it is – it was a good fit for me.”

What was the progression that led you to competing in track at the collegiate level?  “I started thinking about doing it in college early sophomore year. Freshman year I never really thought that far, but after sophomore year, I kind of had an idea. I started getting letters late sophomore year from colleges, so that’s when I thought – I could do this at the next level. As I progressed my junior year, I really grew into my running. That’s when I realized I could go to the level I did.”

Cross country coach Ryan Stetler says:  “Hudson is a four-year varsity coach for us and a three-year captain for us and perhaps one of the most talented athletes to come through Quakertown, at least in running since I have been here. Despite the fact that many people possessing the talent that he has, many people rest on their laurels and say, ‘I’m really talented’ and leave it at that. Hudson is not one of those guys. He is someone who is a hard worker. He’s one of those first person there, last person to leave type of guys. His work ethic is tireless. He is not only hard working but a leader by example. He can be quite goofy during practice, but he knows how to switch it on and off appropriately. When we get to a tough workout, he’s focused on what he needs to do, and after the workout, he’s able to go back to the fun-loving Hudson that we’ve all come to know so well. We’re going to have a major hole on the team without him next year after having him a consistent presence the last four years. We wish Hudson the best of luck. We know he’s going to do incredible things at Penn State.”

Track coach Jim Parsons says:  “The first time I saw (Hudson) three-and-a-half years ago was at the Milford-Strayer track meet. Every once in a while you see an athlete you just watch and say, ‘I cannot wait to have this one. We’ve got a person who can win multiple medals at states. We’ve got a stud.’ I watched him run that race three-and-a-half years ago, and then his brother comes up and says, ‘We’re moving to Maine.’ Thank God he never moved. It’s been a great four years. Hudson has made it to states in all three running events in all three sports, which is very, very difficult to do. In cross country, indoor and outdoor track, he’s had a great progression. He was a very good runner as a ninth grader. He made it to outdoor states as a 10th grader. In 11th grade, he made it to states in cross country, he won a third place medal at indoor states, and then he came back and also earned a third place medal in outdoor states, running what I thought was perhaps the worst tactical race I’ve ever seen him run. Yet to come back and come in third in the state and set a PR and new school record in that race was just amazing. He went on to run in nationals last year, which is an achievement.
“Hudson’s work ethic is second to none. As coach Stetler said, he can be very goofy before the workout, but boy, when it comes time to do the work, he is just absolutely tireless. He’s a leader by example, and to watch him race – this is a young man that has incredible aggressiveness, incredible competitiveness and just great determination. I really think we’re going to see some great things in indoor and outdoor. As he grows into his body a bit more, I think these next four years are going to be just incredible. I know he has a great future.”

About Hudson:
Favorite food: 
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Favorite movie:  Star Wars: A New Hope
Favorite music:  “I like all kinds of music. Specifically, it’s seasonal. In the summer, it’s country, and in the winter, it’s all over the place.”