Quakertown's Morelock to Play Baseball at Lehigh Carbon County

On Thursday, May 18, 2017, Quakertown senior Viktor Morelock was recognized for committing to continue his baseball career at Lehigh Carbon County Community College. To view photos of the event, please visit the Photo Gallery.

Viktor Morelock – Lehigh Carbon County Community College (Baseball)

Major:  Digital Film/Mass Communication

Final list of colleges:  Lehigh Carbon County, Neumann, Valley Forge Military College, Bucks County

Reasons for choosing Lehigh Carbon:  “I think it’s the perfect fit academic-wise. It’s close to home, the price range fits, and I think they’re just a good competitive ball team. I definitely want to try to be a part of it, and I just fit in perfectly with the program.”

What was the progression that led you to competing in baseball at the collegiate level?  “Junior year I started thinking about it. At Myrtle Beach this year, I saw Lehigh Carbon play because they were down there the same time as us, and I was able to have the opportunity to talk to the head coach. We started talking from there, and I got to learn more about their program. From there, it just took off.”

Coach Jon Pallone says:  “Vik is one of a kind. I’ve gotten to know Vik pretty well over the last four years, and this year I was lucky enough to have him in class as well. He’s made great strides not only as a baseball player the last four years but also as a student, and for that, we’re very proud of him. He’s always done everything that’s asked.
“Throughout his playing career, Vik has always demonstrated composure in all aspects of the game. He always cares more about the team than he does about himself or his own stats. Last year Vik was in a role as a sub for the first half of the year and continued to push himself to improve. When he got the chance, he seized it and forced himself into the lineup. In doing so, he ended up earning all-league honorable mention. Along the way, Vik has worked very hard to make himself a plus defender in the field in addition to hitting and pitching as well.
“This year Vik stepped up as a main part of the lineup and pitched in some big games for us. One of my favorite stories of this year is when I put (Dennis) Pierce – who’s a sophomore - in the game in front of him to close out an extra-inning league game instead of him. At the next practice, I wanted to make sure he knew I had just as much confidence in him, but the situation dictated that Dennis would throw instead. Vik attempted to cut me off several times to say, ‘Coach, I don’t care. I know you have confidence in me. I have confidence in Dennis and myself as well. We won. I’m happy. You don’t need to explain yourself.’ That just really exemplifies his attitude towards everything. He is team above himself through and through from beginning to end, and he always does everything that’s asked of him. I’m very proud of him.”

About Viktor:
Favorite food:
Pork Fried Rice
Favorite movie: Lone Survivor
Favorite music:  Hip Hop