Quakertown's Small to Play Collegiate Soccer at Clark University

On Thursday, March 1, 2018, Quakertown senior Morgan Small was recognized for committing to continue her soccer career at Clark University. Check back for photos of the event.

Morgan Small – Clark University (Soccer)

Major:  Political Science

Final list of colleges:  Clark, Tufts University

Reasons for choosing Clark:  “I picked Clark for the soccer team – they have a very good soccer team. Academically, it was a really good fit. I like it up in New England. The main reason I picked it is the coach really wanted to invest in me as a player and as a student as well, and it just felt like a really good fit.”

What was the progression that led you to competing in soccer at the collegiate level?  “When I was a freshman and sophomore in high school, it wasn’t really on my mind as much. My club team and I would go to tournaments, but it was never something that was the end goal, but last year when I started looking at colleges, I realized I wanted to play soccer there.”

Coach Mike Koch says:  “Morgan – or Mo as her teammates call her – and several of her classmates were our senior leaders this year, and they led us to what’s been the best season in the history of the program here at Quakertown. We played 22 games and won 15 this year, and Morgan had 12 shutouts. Right there, it talks about her value to our team. She was first team all-league after being second team all-league as a sophomore and junior. She was All-Intell, she was SuburbanOneSports Univest Featured Athlete, she was the Intell preseason preview candidate, she was a Lehigh Valley Soccer Scholar, and as goalkeeper, she led the team to the furthest it has ever gone, including two playoff shutouts in that run. Probably a member of anybody that was at the Ridge that night – the shootout victory over Pennridge that she commandeered. That’s Morgan’s value to a team by the numbers.
“Our success this year happened because of some incredibly dedicated talented athletes, and she led that. Leadership is easy to act at and hard to actually be a leader and she was a leader. She led by example, she led by helping people when they needed a pick up, demanding more of them when they needed more to be demanded of them. She was responsible. She made sure that everybody was where they needed to be, doing what they needed to do. She was a teacher. As a senior, she did not necessarily have to worry about what was going to happen moving forward, but she made it her responsibility to teach our younger goalkeeper so we could have a succession. Lastly, willpower – she’s an outstanding willpower person. She got the most out of everything that she could, and I know that will continue at Clark University. I know I will always have the memory etched in my mind of Morgan running out of the goal after the last shot in the shootout, leading her team to the biggest victory ever.”

About Morgan:
Favorite food: 
Favorite movie:  Forrest Gump
Favorite music:  R&B