Souderton Trio to Play Collegiate Lacrosse

On Wednesday, March 9, 2016, Souderton seniors Tyler Asbury, Cory Azeff and Cole Rosen were recognized for committing to continue their lacrosse careers at the collegiate level. To view photos of the event, please visit the Photo Gallery.

Tyler Asbury – Bryn Athyn College (Lacrosse)
Final list of colleges:  Bryn Athyn, Westminster, Susquehanna

Reasons for choosing Bryn Athyn:  “I chose Bryn Athyn because they’re a small school. It looks like they need help, and I’d like to help them.”
Favorite lacrosse memory:  “Any time the lacrosse team beat Pennridge.”
Coach Mark Prinehorn says: “Each one of them has specific strengths that have helped them get to this point. Tyler is a unique story because he was the understudy under a very, very good goalie for the last three seasons, but he’s taken advantage of the opportunity to start, and he’s completely run away with it. He’s done everything off the field to help with his on-field success, and he really developed into a tremendous leader and a tremendous goaltender, so the hard work, the dedication to the little things are what made Tyler so special.”
About Tyler:
Favorite food: 
Favorite movie:  Saving Private Ryan
Favorite music:  Rock ‘n Roll

Cory Azeff – Neumann University (Lacrosse)
Computer Information Systems
Final list of colleges:  Neumann, Keystone
Reasons for choosing Neumann:  “At Neumann, I really felt at home. I liked the coaching staff and the facilities. Everything really made me feel welcome.”
Favorite lacrosse memory:  “Beating Pennridge”
Coach Mark Princehorn says:  “With Cory, leadership is the first thing you think of. You’re talking about a guy who’s done all the right things for four years, even through the recruiting process showing maturity and finding a school that fits him academically as well as (socially). He prioritized academics above all else, and he’s just a great leader on the field and off the field. You see him running with the last guys in sprints, you see him encouraging his teammates. He’s just an all-around leader and has the leadership you want in a captain.”
About Cory:
Favorite food: 
Pizza Rolls
Favorite movie:  Goodfellas
Favorite music:  Classic Rock

Cole Rosen – Aurora University (Lacrosse)
Final list of colleges:  Aurora, Temple, Hood
Reasons for choosing Aurora:  “It’s right outside of Chicago and there are lot of really cool opportunities for internships, and I really felt like I fit in with the lacrosse coach and the team and the style of play that they did there.”
Favorite lacrosse memory: “Beating Pennridge away last year.”
Coach Mark Princehorn says:  “In terms of work ethic, there was probably no one on the team that was more coachable and more willing to do what the coach says to get on the field and make strides as a player. He doesn’t have the most extensive lacrosse past, but with the dedication and desire to practice every day, he’s really gotten better and put himself in a position to play at the collegiate level.”
About Cole:
Favorite food: 
Burger with Bacon
Favorite movie:  Rocky
Favorite music:  Drake