Springfield's Baughan & Callands to Play Collegiate Lacrosse

On Thursday, May 25, 2017, Springfield Township seniors Cameron Callands and George Baughan were recognized for committing to continue their lacrosse careers at the collegiate level. To view photos of the signing event, please visit the Photo Gallery at the following link:  http://photos.suburbanonesports.com/g/052517_signings_6_kc#l_kc3_9269_59_19_5

George Baughan – Princeton University (Lacrosse)
Reasons for choosing Princeton:  “I selected Princeton for its extremely strong academics as well as its very successful lacrosse program. It is a perfect balance between academics and athletics.”
What was the progression that led you to competing in lacrosse at the collegiate level?  “I started late into the process as I started playing lacrosse summer before freshman year. I was lucky to play for great club teams, coaches and under coach Resch to progress me to the next level.”
Coach Hank Resch:  “George did everything a defenseman can do well. He played the man well, he got ground balls very well, he cleared the ball well, and he scored, which is unusual for a defenseman. He is just a tremendous athlete and a great competitor. He’s as good a player as I’ve coached.
“I think he’s a once-in-a-lifetime kid. I’ve certainly coached a lot of good kids, and he’s certainly right up there with them.”
About George:
Favorite food: 
Ice Cream
Favorite movie:  Billy Madison
Favorite music:  Meek Mill

Cameron Callands – Immaculata University (Lacrosse)
Exercise Science
Final list of colleges:  Immaculata, Franklin and Marshall, Salisbury, Wesley College
Reasons for choosing Immaculata:  “It was a perfect fit for me. The school size was just what I needed. The people at the school are friendly, and the academics are really good. The coaches were very helpful and gave me some good advice.”
What was the progression that led you to competing in lacrosse at the collegiate level?  “I started thinking about it my sophomore year. I started to train very hard and joined a club team to help get to where I am. I had to take my academics very seriously as well as my sports.”
Coach Hank Resch says:  “Cameron was a midfielder. His strength was defense and clearing the ball, getting the ball from deep in the end to the offensive end. He could play Division One defense. I think at Immaculata he’s going to be playing some offense too. He has a real good shot, but he still needs to improve in that area. As far as defense, he was phenomenal. With a short stick, he could shut down the other team’s midfielder very well. He’s very fast and has a lot of physical ability. I think he’ll have a good college career.
About Cameron:
Favorite food: 
Favorite movie:  Rush Hour
Favorite music:  Hip Hop