Truman's Cliney to Play Basketball & Volleyball at Bryn Athyn

On Tuesday, May 29, 2018, Harry S Truman senior Brianna Cliney was recognized for committing to continue her volleyball and basketball careers at Bryn Athyn College. Check back for a gallery of photos of the event.

Brianna Cliney – Bryn Athyn College (Basketball/Volleyball)

Major:  Nursing

Final list of colleges:  Bryn Athyn, Rosemont, Lackawanna

Reasons for choosing Bryn Athyn:  “I chose Bryn Athyn because it’s close, it’s small, and I feel like I can really grow there. It just felt right when I went there and visited. The people were nice, and it just felt like the right decision.”

What was the progression that led you to competing in volleyball and basketball at the collegiate level?  “Playing two sports is kind of a bonus. I was looking towards playing volleyball because I know colleges often only want you to play only one sport. I’m happy I don’t have to choose. The fact that I get to play both is great.
“I started thinking about this my sophomore year. Freshman year I was still feeling it out, getting to know what I was able to do. Sophomore year was when I realized I might be able to go somewhere with this.”

Basketball coach Collette Munford says:  “Brianna always loved volleyball and basketball, and she was great in both. In basketball, her strengths are rebounding and blocking shots. In volleyball, she was great all around. She did very well. They reached out to me about basketball. I told them she played two sports, and both coaches said they needed her so she visited the school and liked it, and here we are. Our goal every year is to get one of our girls into school, and we’re on track. We had three last year and one this year. She was our only senior this year, so hopefully, next year we’ll get one or two and keep it going.”

About Brianna: 
Favorite food: 
Favorite movie:  Shrek
Favorite music:  R&B