CR South's Eiler to Attend North Texas

Council Rock South senior Peter Eiler accepted a scholarship to play golf at the University of North Texas. He was recognized at a special signing breakfast on Friday, Feb. 5, 2010.

Peter Eiler – University of NorthTexas (Golf)
Major: Business
Final list of college: North Texas, Auburn, Seton Hall
Reasons for choosing North Texas“The coach seemed really interested in me right off the bat. I went down, and he showed me the facilities. I was loving what I saw. He came from the University of Florida where he was an assistant coach. He had some really good experience, and having that on my side can really be a big benefit. He’s really set on winning, and it felt like a place I'd really fit in."
When did the idea of playing golf at the collegiate level become a reality? “Pretty much ever since I started playing I have always wanted a golf scholarship. Eventually, I want to play professional, and the college route is the way to go to gain the best experience.
“It’s definitely exciting. It’s as good as it pretty much gets – a D-1 scholarship. I’m really pumped to get there and get started. Right now the coach said I would be their number four, and they take five players to every tournament.”
Coach Dennis Matika says: “It’s so exciting to think about Peter going to North Texas. He’s so consistent. Even when he was a sophomore, he was playing in the state tournament, but it seems it it all went way too fast. I’m very, very lucky and blessed that I had a chance to coach him.
“You could just sit and watch him – his swing was so beautiful. When you see a swing like that, it stands out. It’s just phenomenal. His ability is just God-given. He has a beautiful golf swing. So many opposing coaches commented about his swing.”