Basketball - Girls: Council Rock South vs Harry S. Truman (1/26/2018)

Council Rock South vs. Harry S. Truman

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Away Team

Game Date Sport Game Type Overtime
January 26th 2018 Basketball - Girls League Game No

Council Rock South Comments

Truman 5-14-12-20 = 51
CR South 18-23-16-11 = 68

Truman: Jones 11, Clarke 3, Campbell 16, James 14, Keys 4, Cliney 3

CR South: Irvin 5, Szydlik 2, Steinmetz 15, Vetter 2, Jones 4, Wunder 2, Blaustein 23, Mcgowan 10, Binder 5

Really proud of the girls effort tonight on the defensive end of the floor and rebounding the ball, especially early on. I challenged them before the game to get back to doing the little things and controlling what they can- effort & defense. As a whole we did really well with that but the three upperclassmen set the tone early. Allison Mcgowan, Emma Jones and Bailey Vetter did a great job in our zone communicating and then rebounding out of it and getting us into transition. Hannah Binder rebounded well off the bench. Claudia Steinmetz, Nicole Blaustein, Karly Wunder and Carley Irvin did. A great job of getting out in transition and Bailey Vetter did a great job igniting those opportunities. I can’t speak enough to the impact Bailey has on this team. She really sets the tone for us with effort plays and rebounding the ball. She gets on the floor for loose balls no matter the score or situation, she uses her length effectively, runs the floor well & ignites our break. She’s someone from the first workout I attended as an assistant intrigued me with her athleticism and length and I’ve challenged her this year to be a leader through actions and words- she’s met those expectations. She doesn’t get a ton of recognition because she doesn’t average double digits. But we are at our best when she is doing her thing. We had good balance tonight with three in double digits and contributions from our top 8. Carley Irvin and Karley Wunder are both freshman who have seen an uptick in minutes and have been productive and were again tonight. Claudia and Nicole together in transition is something we try to take advantage of because they can be really successful together on the break. That happens more when those other four rebound like they did tonight. We need to build off of this as a group and try to string some wins together. We are absolutely capable of it when we play together and as a unit. If we play with the effort and energy moving forward that we did tonight we can be on  the right side of games moving forward. We just finished a stretch of four game vs Top 12 teams in distirct and played really well in spurts of most those games, I told them if you trust what we want to do and the plan we lay out and compete we will make the progress we are striving for. It’s about putting it all together for four quarters.

Assists : Blaustein 4, Binder 3
Rebounds: Binder 9, Mcgowan and Vetter 7
Steals: Jones and Steinmetz 4, Blaustein 3