Field Hockey - Girls: Pennridge vs Souderton (10/6/2016)

Pennridge vs. Souderton

Home Team

Away Team

Game Date Sport Game Type Overtime
October 6th 2016 Field Hockey - Girls League Game Yes

Pennridge Comments

The game was played in two completely different halves. We won the first half and Souderton dominated the second half. Kira Ozer played great for us at center mid and helped to feed the ball into the circle to give us scoring opportunities. We also had senior leadership from our defense, Kendall O'Shea, Abby Bruzas and Kierstin Faw.

We will take away the good things from this game and learn from our mistakes. It is a tough loss to take, but we will come back fighting next week.


Penn ridge:
Kellie Drugotch (assist Kira Ozer)
Caitlyn Amsden (assist Hannah Cook and Drugotch)
Caitlyn Amsden (unassisted)
Kirstin Faw (assist Abby Bruzas)

Nina Disco (assist O'Hara)
C Kenah (unassisted)
C Kenah (unassisted)
I Palde (unassisted)
R Hess (unassisted)

GK: Pennrdige: Mackenzie Bross- 10 saves on 17 shots. Defensive saves from Hannah Cook, Kendall O'Shea.
Souderton: C Febus- 5 saves on 11 shots