Field Hockey - Girls: Quakertown vs Cheltenham (10/6/2016)

Quakertown vs. Cheltenham

Home Team

Away Team

Game Date Sport Game Type Overtime
October 6th 2016 Field Hockey - Girls League Game No

Quakertown Comments

Quakertown played well as a team and focused on accurate, quick passing. In the past we struggled with finishing in the circle and connecting between lines of attack. Tonight, the girls proved they can finish in the circle and support each other on attack as well as recovering on defense. A huge shout out to our first time varsity goal scorers; Brianna Nadal, Makenzie Adamson and Jenn Jiminez. The solid midfield play of Olivia Jackson created many scoring opportunities for us and prevented any counter attacks.
I have a lot of respect for Cheltenham. I know how hard it is to rally a team after multiple losses. The main focus is not on the score but on the little improvements along the way. Cheltenham, as a grass team in a league with mostly turf teams, has improved greatly since we last met.