Field Hockey - Girls: Upper Moreland vs Hatboro-Horsham (9/29/2016)

Upper Moreland vs. Hatboro-Horsham

Home Team

Away Team

Game Date Sport Game Type Overtime
September 29th 2016 Field Hockey - Girls League Game No

Upper Moreland Comments

September 29, 2016
Hatboro-Horsham @ Upper Moreland

Upper Moreland 4, Hatboro-Horsham 2
Halftime Score: UM 2, HH 1

Madison Casey (UM), unassisted @ 23:10 in 1st
Madison Casey (UM), unassisted @ 21:53 in 1st
Kaitlyn Wallace (HH), unassisted @ 13:50 in 1st
Jess Flanagan (UM), unassisted @ 9:28 in 2nd
Mariella Spiezo (HH), unassisted @ 7:06 in 2nd
Jess Flanagan (UM), unassisted @ 4:52 in 2nd

Goalkeeper Saves:
Allison Felicetti (UM): 9 saves
Liz Wilburn (HH): 7 saves

Upper Moreland: 3-8 overall, 3-6 league
Hatboro-Horsham: 4-7 overall, 4-5 league

Hatboro-Horsham Comments

For HH:

Kaitlyn Wallace goal at the 13:50 mark
Mariella Spiezio goal at the 7:06 mark

We had 17 shots on goal.( we might have had more)
Liz Wilburn goalie with 5 saves

The Upper Moreland Goalie did a nice job with 12 saves(that's what we had.. she might have had more) .She came out far and cut down the angles of the shots.