Lacrosse - Girls: Upper Moreland vs Cheltenham (5/7/2018)

Upper Moreland vs. Cheltenham

Home Team

Away Team

Game Date Sport Game Type Overtime
May 7th 2018 Lacrosse - Girls League Game No

Upper Moreland Comments

Upper Moreland 16 Cheltenham 3

UM Erin Slater 2
UM Moira Olexa 2
UM Chloe Leiter 2
UM Megan O’Donnell 2
UM Cassidy Hirsch 2
UM Bryanna Gordon 1
UM Emma Meakim 1
UM AbbyEllen Wood 1
UM Maddie Grace Wood 1
UM Zoe Wolfenson 1
UM Jess White 1

Chelt Brianna Young 2
Chelt Corrissa Dorley 1

UM Emma Meakim 3
UM Megan O’Donnell 2
UM Maddie Grace Wood 2
UM Bryanna Gordon 1
Chloe Leiter 1
Cassidy Hirsch 1
Zoe Wolfenson 1
Erin Slater 1

UM 30
Chelt 6

UM 1

Tonight we celebrated our seniors and to say it was memorable would be an understatement. When our field lost power halfway through the first half we scrambled to try to get most of the game in before it got too dark. The lights came back on with about 10 minutes left and our seniors will definitely have great memories from this game. All of our seniors were able to score at least one goal except Cheyanne Grumm our goalie and Jess Flanagan who was on the sideline tonight with a sprained ankle. The stats show it was a full team effort with 11 different players scoring goals and of our 16 goals 12 of them were assisted. Now we shift our focus to Wednesday against Wissahickon.