Soccer - Girls: Pennsbury vs Bensalem (10/2/2017)

Pennsbury vs. Bensalem

Home Team

Away Team

Game Date Sport Game Type Overtime
October 2nd 2017 Soccer - Girls League Game No

Pennsbury Comments

Pennsbury Goals: Christine Cataldo-Smith (from Dani Cady, 15th minute), Gabby Zalot (from Riley Young, 23rd minute), Lizzy Kirk (from Jenna Peters, 24th minute), Cataldo-Smith (from Hope Drewes, 54th minute), Evie Ciaccia (from Zalot, 58th minute), Cady (from Kirk, 66th minute), Kelli Hunter (from Drewes, 70th minute).

Bensalem Comments

GK Kathleen Rivera had 10 saves in the first half. GK Alayna McSeed had 15 saves in the second half.