Tennis - Girls: Central Bucks South vs Souderton (9/19/2017)

Central Bucks South vs. Souderton

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September 19th 2017 Tennis - Girls League Game No

Souderton Comments

9/19 C.B. South def. Souderton 4-3

1st singles: Caitlin Le ( Souderton) def. Mia Groetsch(CBS) (7-6,6-1)
2ndsingles: Abby Caddick (CBS) def Katherine Fursov (Souderton) (6-0,6-2)
3rd singles: Jen Bilker (CBS) def. Leah Smith (Souderton)(1-6,1-6)
1st doubles: Maddie Coleman and Olivia Lare (Souderton) def. Nicole Bubovich and Anne Leon(CBS) (6-4,4-6,7-5)
2nd doubles: Sunny Muthuswami and Jolee Catto (Souderton) def. Alexa Pereira and Morgan Molnar(CBS)(6-0, 2-6, 6-4)
3rd doubles: Kaitlyn Lecompte and Kara Tuberty (C.B.S) def. Angela Bruno and Maya Smith (Souderton) (6-2,6-2)
4th doubles: Jane Levin and Miranda Song(CBS) def. Maggie Wilson and Asia Lam (Souderton) (7-5, 4-6,3-6)