Tennis - Girls: Dock Mennonite Academy vs Souderton (9/26/2016)

Dock Mennonite Academy vs. Souderton

Away Team

Game Date Sport Game Type Overtime
September 26th 2016 Tennis - Girls Non-League Game No

Souderton Comments

Souderton Vs. Christopher Dock

(S)Caitlin Le (def.) (CD) Amber Clemens (6,1 6,0)
(S) Katherine Fursov (def.) (CD) Casey Jian (6,0 6,2)
(S) Maddie Coleman (def.) (CD)Melea Ruth (6,0 6,1)
(S) Cara Plummer and Emily Wert (def.) (CD) Jackie Carson and Sarah Thalathoti(6,0 6,0)
(S) Emily Ramage and Neda Mahjour(Def) (CD)Sammy DiLoreto and Yilan Guo (6,0 6,1)
(S) Jayme Barnett and Jolee Catto (def) (CD) Shirley Yu Regan Zehr (6,0 6,0)
(S) Sunny Muthuswami and Leah Smith (def) (CD) Kimberly Li Sarah DeGeorge (6,0 6,0)

Souderton won the match 7-0