Tennis - Girls: Quakertown vs Wissahickon (9/19/2017)

Quakertown vs. Wissahickon

Home Team

Away Team

Game Date Sport Game Type Overtime
September 19th 2017 Tennis - Girls League Game No

Quakertown Comments

Wissahickon (7), Quakertwon (0)

Jenny Landells (W) def Rebecca Miller 6-1,6-1
Rachel lame (W) def Sam Shourds 6-0,6-0
Hannah Wang (W) def Devyn Keane 6-2,6-3

Samantha Sullivan/Elizabeth Koomar (W) def Rylie Hetrick/Maddie Dayton 6-1,6-2
Lauren Kang/Amanda Maltin (W) def Liah Kim/Sierra Lee 6-0,6-0
Julia Weiss/Nicole Zappin (W) def Amanda Long/Cindy Zhang 6-2,6-1
Olivia Welsh/Lily Solomon (W) def Megan Burke/Gisselle Hernandez 6-0,6-1

Wissahickon Comments

1st singles Jenny Landells def Rebecca Miller 6-1 6-1
2nd singles Rachel Flame def Sam Shourds 6-0 6-0
3rd singles Hannah Wang def Devyn Keane 6-3 6-3

1st doubles Sullivan/Kooman def Herrick/Dayton 6-1 6-2
2nd doubles Kang/Maltin def Kim/Lee 6-0 6-0ay
3rd doubles Weiss/Zappin def Long/Zhang 6-2 6-1
4th doubles Welsh/Solomon def Burke/Hernandez 6-0 6-1

The Trojans had strong performances from both second singles position senior co-captain Rachel Flame and second doubles teammates senior co-captain Lauren Kang and partner Amanda Maltin who defeated oppponents in 6-0 6-0 victories as the girls continued strong SOL play.