Tennis - Girls: William Tennent vs Souderton (8/25/2016)

William Tennent vs. Souderton

Home Team

Away Team

Game Date Sport Game Type Overtime
August 25th 2016 Tennis - Girls League Game No

William Tennent Comments

Freshman Taylor Weidman played a super match for Tennent at second singles. She competed well and pushed her more experienced opponent to a third set. After only our second match, our young team remains positive & excited for the season!

Souderton Comments

Souderton vs. William Tennent
(S)Caitlin Le (def.) (WT)Sarah Glass (6,0 6,0)
(S)Maddie Coleman (def.) (WT)Taylor Weidman (3,6 6,2 6,0)
(S)Neda Mahjour (def.) (WT)Zoe Khodak (6,1 6,0)

(S)Cara Plummer and Emily Wert (def.) (WT)Elisa Steinhard and Erica Adamczyk (6,0 6,0)
(S)Jayme Barnett and Jolee Catto (def.) (WT) Kat Dankulich and Brooke Simpson (3,6 6,1 6,1)
(S) Sunny Muthuswami and Leah Smith (def.) (WT)Maria Kelly and Jemmy Medina (6,1 6,1)
(S)Keri Mallon and Olivia Lare (def.) (WT)Steph Shemchuk and Elyanor Adnane (6,1 6,0 )