NFL Honors Four Neshaminy HS Alums Who played in Super Bowl

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NFL honors four Neshaminy HS alumni who played in Super Bowl games

LANGHORNE, PA -  As part of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Super Bowl championship game this year, the National  Football League is honoring those high schools that past Super Bowl players attended before they became national football stars. The schools are receiving a gold-colored Wilson football for each player as part of the NFL High School Honor Roll program.

Neshaminy High School has received four of these footballs in honor of the following players:

Chris Bahr, NHS Class of 1970. Chris was a place kicker for the Oakland and Los Angeles Raiders, playing in Super Bowl XV and XVIII. His brother Matt Bahr (see below) was also a NHS graduate and NFL Super Bowl Player. For college, Chris attended and played for Penn State.

Matt Bahr, NHS Class of 1974. Matt was a place kicker in Super Bowl XIV for the Pittsburgh Steelers and Super Bowl XXV for the New York Giants. For college Matt attended and played for Penn State.

Harry Schuh: NHS Class of 1961. Matt was a tackle, playing for the Oakland Raiders in Super Bowl II. For college, Harry attended and played for the University of Memphis.

Steve Shull: NHS Class of 1976. Steve was a linebacker and one of three captains for the Miami Dolphins in Super Bowl XVII. For college, Steve attended and played for College of William and Mary.

According to the NFL, only 36 high schools among the approximately 2,000 honored had four or more players  represented in Super Bowl games, including Neshaminy High School.

“Neshaminy High School has a proud football program, with a long history of excellence,” said Neshaminy High School Athletic Director Tom Magdelinskas Tuesday. “Our players have long excelled on the high school, college, and professional gridirons. Young boys in our community dream of one day becoming a Neshaminy Redskin, and many of our current and former players dream of going on to play in the NFL.”

 “We are proud of the four individuals who played in Super Bowl, and we are equally proud of the all that have worn the Red and Blue with pride.  In the words of the immortal Coach Harry Franks, ‘…time will never dim the glory of the Neshaminy Redskins.’”

From the NFL: “As part of the nationwide Super Bowl 50 celebration, the NFL started the Super Bowl High School Honor Roll program to acknowledge schools and communities that have directly influenced Super Bowl history and impacted the game for the better.”

 “The NFL Foundation, which gave $1 million for the campaign, will also provide schools with the opportunity to apply for grants of up to $5,000 to support their football programs, along with a new character education curriculum.”

The four footballs will be displayed proudly at Neshaminy Hig h School, and will also be seen during the athletic National Letter of Intent signing ceremony scheduled for Friday, February 5 2016 at NHS.

NFL Super Bowl 50 High School Honor Roll web site: