CB West's Massey to Compete in Cheer at St. Joseph's University

On Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2024, Central Bucks West senior Madelynn Massey was recognized for committing to continue her cheerleading career at St. Joseph’s University.

Madelynn Massey – St. Joseph’s University (Cheerleading)

Major: Pharmacology

Final list of colleges: St. Joe’s, Delaware, Towson

Reasons for choosing St. Joe’s: “I love the environment that St. Joe’s gives. I like that it’s not quite in the middle of the city but just outside of it. I like a lot of people at St. Joe’s. I actually went to a cheer clinic, and the people were super nice. They took us on a little tour. I don’t know – it just felt different when I was there, and I just enjoyed it. It’s very pretty.”

What was the progression that led you to competing in cheer at the collegiate level? “I actually started cheering my sophomore year, and I wasn’t on any competition teams, but I had danced my whole life. I have been working up in high school cheer and pushing myself, but the difference in college cheer – there’s other techniques and skills that you have to do.”

Coach Maggie Haflett says:  “Madelynn is great – she’s responsible, she is kind, she is thoughtful, she is the first ones to practice and the last one to leave, and she is the first one to help out to take on extra responsibilities. She is a leader in every definition of the word, and I haven’t even talked about her skill yet!
“She’s an incredible flier. From the moment we put her on the varsity team, other coaches would ask – ‘Where did she come from?’ She’s very eye-catching when she’s in her stunts, and she’s just a solid all-around athlete. She’s incredibly driven, incredibly dedicated, and you can see it in her academics, in her social life and just across the board.”

About Madelynn:
Favorite food:
Watermelon or Bread
Favorite movie: The Notebook
Favorite TV show: Gilmore Girls
Favorite artist: Zach Bryan