CB West's Molly Gross to Row at Washington College

On Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2024, Central Bucks West senior Molly Gross was recognized for committing to continue her rowing career at Washington College.

Molly Gross – Washington College (Rowing)

Major: Biology

Final list of colleges: Washington College, Monmouth, Fordham

Reasons for choosing Washington College: “As soon as I got to the campus, I had a connection with it because it’s on the water. For biology and environmental science, there’s a lot of opportunities for research there. It’s a small, quaint town, and when I met the team and met with the coaches the first time, I saw that they were very motivation-driven, and I had a connection with the team and all the coaches. I know the professors care about getting one-on-one interactions with their students, and it was just a great experience overall.

What was the progression that you to competing in rowing at the collegiate level? “I originally got asked to do a camp to row with one of my friends when I was in eighth grade. At first, I did not want to do it, and I was like – ‘I guess I’ll just do it for fun.’ But I ended up really liking it, and I stuck with it. I realized it was something I wanted to do competitively, so I ended up switching teams that’s a little bit further away. Now we compete almost every weekend over the spring, fall and summer.”

Coach Sam Altier, Princeton National Rowing Association, says: “Molly has been with us for two years and has been a consistent performer and a consistent hard worker. She is constantly elevating her teammates and the work ethic of the team. She just shows up every day ready to work hard and with a good attitude. She has really been a great contributor to the environment at practice.”

About Molly:
Favorite food:
Favorite movie: How to Train Your Dragon
Favorite artist: Noah Kahan