Pennsbury's Biehn to Bowl at Midway University

On Thursday, March 20, 2023, Pennsbury senior Vincent Biehn was recognized for committing to continue his bowling career at Midway University.

Vincent Biehn – Midway University (Bowling)

Major: Business & Financial Marketing

Final list of colleges: Midway, Culver-Stockton College, Newman University (Kan.), Northwest Ohio

Reasons for choosing Midway: “I have a bunch of friends out there, so I heard a little about everything before it came time for me to make a choice. When I went there and took a tour, it’s a pretty small campus where I can know everybody. There are only about 400 kids on campus, and about 50 of them bowl. There’s a good portion of us that actually will know each other. It’s a good place. We have a couple guys from around here going there. It’s going to be fun.”

What was the progression that led you to competing in bowling at the collegiate level? “I’ve been bowling since I was three. I’m coming up on year 15. My dad bowled, my grandfather bowled – most of my family bowled. My mom bowled when she was pregnant with me, so it kind of just kept coming. I played different sports, but bowling was the only one I was actually good at, and that’s the one I decided to stick with. I finally started getting really competitive with it around 12 years. Once I made it through middle school with intramurals and all that- in high school is when it really took off. Bowling every day from November straight through to April helped out a lot.”

Coach Arnie Lautt says: “Vince has been a great asset to the team this year. Not only as a bowler does he excel, but he always tries to do his best to improve his game. He’s also a great captain to the team who has taken leadership on many occasions to help out the other bowlers whenever needed.”

About Vincent:
Favorite food:
Favorite movie: The original Cars movie
Favorite music: Country