Central Bucks East vs. Central Bucks West

Central Bucks East Comments
It’s odd to finish up the first game of the season at the end of September, but the continued game was just as intense as the first quarter in August. I am extremely proud of our play tonight- especially our defense and the extraordinary play of Audra Szymborski. Sienna Valenti, Anna Daly, and Avery McCann held it down and west was able to capitalize while we were playing down from a green card. West is a great team and we’re looking forward to seeing them again next week.

GK Audra Szymborski saves- 17
Central Bucks West Comments
Scoring - CBW 0-0-1-0=1; CBE 0-0-0-0=0

CBW - PCs 13; SOG 12; GK Saves 2
CBE - PCs 1, SOG 2, GK Saves 11