Council Rock South vs. Harry S. Truman

Council Rock South Comments
Our team came out strong in the first quarter and did a better job of distributing the ball. Caroline Martin and Kylee Hager were aggressive in the circle adding to our score. Megan Rafter did a great job controlling the game in the center of the field. Our goal is to continue to be aggressive on the offensive end of the field going into the next few games.

First quarter:
-Kylee Hager from Caroline Martin
-Annagrace McKinney from Caroline Martin
-Caroline Martin from Kylee Hager
-Caroline Martin from Sarah Raichle
Second quarter:
-Morgan havers unassisted
-Elise Lindros from Kylee Hager
Third Quarter:
-Kylee Hager unassisted
Fourth quarter:
-Megan Rafter unassisted
-Grace Franchini from Megan Rafter