Pennsbury vs. Harry S. Truman

Pennsbury Comments
There is a saying that goes, "Any team can beat any team on any given day". The Truman Tigers arrived at Pennsbury with that quote blazing in their hearts. I have so much respect for their hard work, drive, and ability to show up with renewed determination for every game, said Pennsbury's head coach, Traci Curtis. The progress they have made is an incredible testament to their coaches and especially to the players who have obviously decided that giving up is not an option. They have definitely improved their field hockey IQ, individual skills, and come together as a team to make it all work, Curtis observed. We gave some different players the opportunity to start for us today and they did a nice job out there, Curtis explained. Truman put up a solid fight and held us scoreless for the first two quarters. Although we were frustrated that our kids weren't scoring, we could not help but be so excited to see the success of our opponents. We all share the same vision of growing the game in our area so celebrating one another across the league should be a natural part of what we do each day. Kudos to Truman's goalie and red zone defenders who made it tough for our first line up to get one into the cage. Their goalie had some really nice saves and kept us on our toes, forcing us to be creative and figure out a way around her! Some of the Tiger's defenders came to the ball hard and had really strong sticks against us. The Falcons broke the scoreless tie in the third quarter when Mia Popovich snuck one in during a circle scramble (unassisted). Popovich tallied another goal about two minutes later on an assist from Meg McClure. Meg and Mia are sparks that ignite offensive energy and momentum so when they stepped onto the field, the game did shift in our favor. McClure has such a knack for the right side and Popovich has an eye for the ball that is hard to match. She's fast, scrappy, and does whatever it takes to get to the ball and make something happen. McClure capitalized on a beautiful shot with one minute left in the third to give the orange and black a 3-0 lead. She is a difference maker for our team and her style of play forces her teammates to raise their game when she's on the field. The fourth goal for the Falcons came at the end of the final quarter on a penalty corner shot from Reagan Ward. Ward is one of senior defenders who has such a nice, strong hit. We brought her up to take the shot and she got it off just in time and McClure was there to tip it in. It was a really nice corner. We have been struggling with success on offensive corner set pieces so it felt good to see one result in a goal. Today was a full team effort with every single varsity player contributing to the game, along with some additional players who had a chance to see what a varsity game feels like, said Curtis. Avalee Shumski did some really nice things out there along with Riley Askey, Abby Anderer, and Olivia Coen. There are lessons to take away from every match up and it's up to the kids to decipher what those lessons are. In addition to the game, Pennsbury's Mini THON reps were on the sidelines raising money FOR THE KIDS in the fight against childhood cancer. The Falcons wore their GOLD OUT shirts in honor of the organization and the team will make a donation to the club as well. Once again we are reminded that it is bigger than us and the game is just a piece of the larger picture. Today was a fun field hockey day and despite the win/lose because of the score, it was a WIN/WIN for Pennsbury and Truman in so many ways. Best of luck to the Tigers as they finish out their season! Pennsbury will travel to face Bensalem for the first time this season Wednesday night.