Quakertown vs. New Hope - Solebury

Quakertown Comments
What a good game even with weather conditions that were not ideal. It was a hard fought game as New Hope Solebury is a very good team and we knew that going into this game. They got a stroke in within the first half of the game and it was very well performed. Our goalie, senior Julie Pizzi, had a lot of good saves and and crucial clears out of our circle. Our defense hung tight, keeping out both corners and clearing balls out. At one point our left defender Ember Retter went hard dribbling from the left corner all the way up to the 50 and a little bit past that, she had a phenomenal game. Midfield line worked very hard today, receiving balls from defense, dribbling through the field of opponents and feeding balls into the circle. We finally capitalized during the 3rd quarter, with 10:31 left, Leah Schwalm crossed and Ella Schubert tapped it in. Both players were where they needed to be and were in those proper positions at the right time. Our second goal came from a hard shot from Kiera Gallagher, she stepped right inside the circle, saw the opportunity and drove it right in. The game was held 2-1 to finish. --
MacKenzie Moser (Kramer)