Council Rock South vs. Souderton

Council Rock South Comments
Council Rock South took a 4-3 lead into halftime. The Golden Hawks were unable to bring home the win at home falling 8-6. MJ Feeney led the home team in scoring with 3 goals. Wes Waninger and TJ Shores had multi-point games. Wes contributed 1goal and 1 assist and TJ had 2 assists. Also finding the scoresheet were Joey Smith 1 assist, Connor McCaffery and Jack Schink both had a goal. The defense rotation on Thomas Gallagher, Josh Geiger, Andrew Mannherz and Harrison Kim all turned in a strong performance. Billy Houser had 15 saves.
Council Rock South will travel to Pennsbury on Thursday for another league game.
Souderton Comments
Souderton 8

Q1 1 3
Q2 3 4
Q3 6 4
Q4 8 6

Seth Grossman 3g, 2gbs, 1ct
John Martin-Vince 2g, 1a, 1gbs
Jaden Knize 1g, 1a, 4gbs
Sean Landis 1g, 3gbs
Trey Bui 1g, 1a
Jackson Hirschman 2ct, 2gbs
Max Ryon 1ct, 6gbs
Ryan Rothenberger 2cts
Peyton Bannak 10/16 FO, 6gbs
Matt Malanga 10 saves, 4gbs