Wissahickon vs. Methacton

Wissahickon Comments
Wiss 0-1-0-1=2
Meth 1-1-0-3=5

Kyle Crump 22 saves
Charlie Stehlik 1g, 1a, 4gb’s, 2ct’s
Blake Zimmerman 1g,4gb’s
Austin Myers 1a, 2gb’s
Chase Comer 3gb’s, 1ct
Carman Shoope 3gb’s
Danny Hussa 6gb’s, 4ct’s
Logan Bruno 3gb’s, 2ct’s
Charlie Hussa 2gb’s
Quinn McClintic 2gb’s 1ct
Cole Lilienfeld 2gb’s
Nolan Reilly 3/10 Faceoff

notes: It was 3-2 with 3 min left in the 4th when they scored on man up and then with less than a minute we pressured out and they scored again.