Souderton vs. Harry S. Truman

Souderton Comments

Souderton – 6
Harry S Truman – 0

Bad weather but a good result. We started a bit slow today and struggled in the first half to adjust to the conditions. A lot of our passes missed the mark, and we just looked a little sluggish in the cold. Sienna Stunkard found a goal through a well-placed shot from distance and Alexis Stefanowicz was able to head home one of the many corner kicks we had in the first half. I thought both Sienna and Alexis had a really strong first half and were rewarded for their efforts by putting us up 2-0. Overall, I felt we let our play drop a bit as the half went on.

In the second half, we found the spark we needed after a nice run from Nicole Schulingkamp into the box. She worked past her defender and was pulled back by the defender earning a penalty kick. Our senior goalkeeper Abby Allen was the first to step up and ask to take the kick. Despite Abby’s amazing play in net the past few years, she is actually a forward for her club team, and asks to move out of net often for high school. Unfortunately, out of need, we have had her locked in net her whole high school career, so I was happy to let her take it and she had a nice finish to put us up 3-0.

That was the spark we needed in order to get rolling in the second half. Junior Leah Kirkpatrick was able to find a nice finish in just her second start at striker. Sienna was able to find her second as well, despite missing a wide-open net minutes before, which she joked about after the game. Sophomore Addison Rausch also got her first varsity assist. Toward the end of the match Abby Allen found her second of the match off a great header you would expect from a starting striker rather than a starting goalkeeper, netting her second of the match. Her finish helped Nicol Schulingkamp cap off a performance with a pair of assists.

Overall, a better performance in the second half. We play home against CB South on Friday.