Upper Moreland vs. William Tennent

Upper Moreland Comments
UM 1
UM 1
WT 0

3:08: UM Willow Taylor assisted by Lizzie Walker

Today's match incorporated everything that we have been working on the past couple of weeks. After losing to Lower Moreland, we used yesterday's practice to really work our system. We were able to get some really good ball movement that lead to some strong opportunities on goal. Three minutes into the game, there was a foul, about 40 yards out. Lizzie Walker was able to find Willow Taylor inside the eighteen for the finish.

Tennent has such a strong transition game, that we had to tweak what we were doing to match/contain their speed. They use their speed up top really well and are able to create some dangerous chances. We were able in the first half to keep most of their shots at a distance.

In the second half the momentum shifted multiple times. Natalie Walton played a strong game for us in net, and our back line of Lizzie Walker, Devon Bush, and Skye Kramer were crucial in the win.

It was a great team win with contributions from everyone on our squad.