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THE WAY I SEE IT - 10/07/08

TRUTHS AND MYTHS ABOUT COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIPS:  How exciting it is when your son comes home in the spring of 10th grade with a letter from Penn State?  Mom is excited, Dad is bouncing off the walls, and the young man is on cloud nine. The next day in school the rumors are flying around that Johnny Drama just got a scholarship from PSU.  This scenario repeats itself time and time again across the country.

THE WAY I SEE IT - 9/29/08

Games, Games, Games!!!! NORTH PENN vs. CB SOUTH(played two weeks ago at North Penn) This was a big one for CB South to prove they belonged with the big boys again this year. South will have to wait till next year for another shot as North Penn won on the scoreboard and in the physical arena. The final score of 31-14 was an indication of how convincing North Penn’s won the battle in all phases. Using an array of formations but running many similar plays, North Penn ran off tackle, hit the edge and threw some nice balls to Ronnie Akins. Defensively, NP used its 44, 3 deep zone, 52 man and 44 man with multiple blitzes to keep South’s passing game under wraps. CB South quarterback Tom Johns was under more pressure than he’d faced all year. Again, the team speed of North Penn’s defense and offense was the difference. Davey, Smith, Akins, Stoll, McManus and company look focused at this point of the season. It looks to me that NP is improving week by week. This is BIG as we’ve hit the halfway point and playoffs will be here in six weeks. Remember, it’s the team that peaks in playoff time that gets the Hershey kisses!!

THE WAY I SEE IT - 9/23/08

THIS WEEK’S GAME!  As a member of the WNPV radio crew each week, we're assigned a game to broadcast, and you hope that they're exciting and entertaining. This week’s game of CB West vs. Souderton had all the fireworks that normally would be reserved for July 4th. I said before the broadcast that this was a statement game for CB West!  

THE WAY I SEE IT - 9/18/08

THE WAY TO WINNING:  Besides coaching staffs and actual game day coaching, I feel the core to a successful program is its OFF-SEASON and IN-SEASON STRENGTH PROGRAMS. The bar has been raised in the last decade with respect to strength and speed programs in high school football. If you think college or pro teams work out more than high school football players, think again.

THE WAY I SEE IT - 9/9/08

THE SUBURBAN ONE's NEW ALIGNMENT - GOOD OR BAD? There are two sides in the argument on this new alignment that the SOL adopted that is based largely on geography. The two divisions basically breaks Bucks County into a northern (the old Bux-Mont League) and a southern division which mimics the old Lower Bucks League.